Interview with Monika Pedersen

by Joshua Becker, Brian Kelman, and Rick Langerak
Ethereal Metal Webzine

process led you to join Sirenia for “Nine Destinies and a Downfall”?

I was
looking for a new band since my old band Sinphonia broke up. So I saw that they
were looking for a singer, and I went to audition, and they chose me.

your departure from Sirenia, it was cited there were “creative differences” in
many news and media. Would it be possible for you to elaborate for the fans as
to the reason in detail?
Actually you can read the whole story here on
my blog:

you will get the answer on your question

these details, would you still want your old fans to still support the band?

Yes I
will. And Ailyn is a great person and a great singer.

Did you
grow up in a musical family?

No not

did you begin singing and when did you realize you wanted to be a singer for a

started when I was about 10 years old, and after a few years I knew that I
would like to sing forever.

formal training have you received and if yes, is that formal training still

I have
had a thousands of different singing teachers through the years. So yes

singers have influenced you the most and in what way have they been

from the Gathering. She has a wonderful voice. Also a lot of male singers with
their deep voices. I love that And opera singers.

about the music industry have you enjoyed the most?

festivals for sure. And concerts. I love going to concerts, and festivals was a
big part of my life when I was younger. I went to Wacken in Germany 11 times;)

about the music industry have you found to be the most unpleasant aspect?

you can feel that it sometimes only is about the money. When people forget the
real music and thinks about money and looks.

Wikipedia article lists ‘painter’ as an occupation. What subjects do you paint?
Do you have a link to a site where we can see your art?

Yes I
love to paint and I have sold a lot. Just let me know it you want to buy. Hehe.
You can follow me and see all my paintings on my Facebook art page here:

to your website, you have since joined a new band called “The World State.” How
did this come about, and where can fans of yours listen to music from them?
guy behind the World State is a very old friend of mine, and we have had plans
for years about making music together. So it cam very natural.

there are a lot of new bands since 2010 and even in The Netherlands there are
plenty of bands, what are your thoughts and opinions of the new age of
symphonic/progressive rock/metal?

I have
to admit that I can’t say that, cause I am not following the new scene that
much anymore. I still enjoy music and concerts, but I am mostly listening to
bands I always have listened to. And also a lot of indie bands.

from prog/symphonic, what is your other favorite genre of music?

and classic.

At the
end of an interview, I always love to ask this: what would you like to say to
your fans? Both your fans of your paintings, as well as your past and present
musical career?

I would
like to say that I am so thrilled that so many people are following me. You
give me energy and happiness.

really appreciate your taking the time to complete this interview for us. We
were so excited to hear from you.

you too My pleasure.

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