Review of Tarja’s Single “Victim of Ritual”

by Jessica Clingempeel
© Ethereal Metal Webzine

As the
song begins playing you instantly feel as if you’re heading to war with the
beating of the drums. About mid-way through the intro you begin to get a Middle
Eastern feel into the style of music. Not even a full minute into the song and
you are already being taken on a journey. It is amazing what only an intro can
do to you.

the siren, herself, begins singing and the song gets hard. It is hard to really
interpret what she is feeling or thinking in this song. So many thoughts come
to mind when listening to the lyrics. Who exactly is the victim here and what
are they a victim of? The lyrics are dark, yet powerful. So much emotion was
poured into this song. The journey is everlasting and even when the song ends you
still want more and need more. Maybe we get more of that story with the rest of
the album.

is not one negative thing I can say about Victim of Ritual. Some may say I am
biased because Tarja is my favorite singer, but that isn’t it at all. There is
really not one bad thing about this song. It took more than one listen to fully
appreciate it as Tarja does play around with her voice some. The song instantly
reminded me a lot of Anteroom of Death from her previous album, What Lies
Beneath. Everything is flawless; from the lyrics, to Tarja’s voice to the
instruments. Once again rock and classical styles are mixed well together.

I would
also like to point out that this single has three other tracks in addition to
Victim of Ritual. A demo version of Victim of Ritual, which to me is as perfect
as the final version and two live tracks, “I Walk Alone” and
“Underneath”, both recorded at Luna Park. Both performances are
flawless, in fact my favorites as far as live recordings go which I usually do
not listen to very often, of any band.


How did you end up in hell? 
Victim of ritual
Victim of ritual
She’s a
killer, killer
She’s a killer, killer

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