Review on Tarja’s “Luna Park Ride” DVD


by Jessica Clingempeel
© Ethereal Metal Webzine

awaited “Luna Park Ride” has finally released and my expectations were met. I
already had the chance to view the main concert (Luna Park Ride) on my copy of
“ACT I” media book. “Luna Park Ride” is a concert filmed entirely by fans. This
gives a feel of actually being there. There were some who liked the idea of
using fan footage and, of course, there were some who didn’t. Some people
appreciate only professionalism, I guess. Anyways, I encourage Tarja to go this
route more often in the future. Maybe not the main concert, such as “ACT II”,
as I do appreciate some professionalism, but bonus content. Speaking of “ACT
II”, I am anxious for this now. ^_^

main show is just extraordinary. Tarja, I find, is the only artist whose albums
and concerts I will watch/listen to all the way through. Others I’ll find
myself skipping some songs. As I said, the concert was filmed completely by the
fans with an exception of the audio being professionally done. You can tell
they had a lot of work to do to mesh all the clips together to match up with

bonus content exceeded beyond my expectations. I find myself loving the
Summerbreeze 2014 content the most. Tarja really put on a performance and included
the audience by engaging and filming them. Again, there were some who found her
holding the camera and filming pointless, but I appreciated it. Instead of the
cameras being focused on Tarja completely, she also included the fans, the
power behind what motivates her and keeps her going. Her take on “Damned &
Divine” in the bonus content was also the best yet. I loved how she interpreted
this live, better than the studio version!

drawing this review on for days, I will end this with, GET IT NOW! You will not
be disappointed. You can order “Luna Park Ride” now on: 2
. Go to:

rating: 5/5

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