Tarja’s “O Tannebaum” Review

Review by Joshua Becker
© Ethereal Metal Webzine

Did Tarja audition for the Nightmare Before Christmas? Are you sure? Could have fooled us! This haunting new single from the dark and mysterious Finnish legend will surely make you scream Merry Hallowmas.

Yet, we can’t help but notice the hallowing melody reminiscent of a simpler time in Tarja’s career, a’la My Winter Storm.

Tarja, in her usual fashion, has gifted us with this Christmas majesty. Full of fright and terror, perfect for Halloween; yet light and melodic, perfect for Christmas; like gently falling snow causing an avalanche. A dark spin on an old German tale, “O Tannenbaum” is sure to delight listeners new and old.

“O Christmas Tree”, the song I used to detest more than anything, just like magic, here comes Tarja who is making me fall in love with this song.

We really think you will enjoy this track, in fact we guarantee it, or Tarja will haunt you every day with her beautiful melodies until you bow down to the Diva.

This track leaves a little to be desired though, and we were all waiting for Tarja’s moment where she goes bombastic and shows what a true powerhouse she is. Regardless of this fact, don’t let this little nuance dissuade you. This is still a phenomenal song, and we thoroughly look forward to what more she has in store with “From Spirits and Ghosts.”

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

“And with the second single from my upcoming winter album you can dream of a very special version of the German Christmas classic “O Tannenbaum”. I am very familiar with this song from my childhood. Nevertheless, I wanted to record the German version of it because it brings me beautiful memories from the time I was living and studying in Germany. I heard the song frequently back then. I was brave enough to try my German language “skills” on this one and luckily my German record label loved the version that much, that they wanted to have it as my new single. I am very happy about it! Jim Dooley worked outstanding orchestral arrangements for the song, making it reach a totally different universe. So once again, the “Christmas Tree” song you know, sounds nothing like the original. Get ready for an intense and dark war battle that will blow you away!” Tarja Turunen

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