Review of Tarja’s Single “Innocence”


Reviewed by Jessica Clingempeel
© Ethereal Metal Webzine

First, let me just say, anyone who does not like this song I
really encourage you to go get your hearing checked. Seriously, something is
wrong with your hearing if you like nothing about this song. Now with that out
of the way, let’s get to this amazing song.

“Innocence,” which is the first track from Tarja’s upcoming
release The Shadow Self is an epic song. It starts off with pianos and is then
followed by drums and guitars that seem to mesh well together. I would say that
the song has an eerie feel to it, but one that we can all enjoy. Tarja uses a
softer side of her voice in this song, but we do get the other side of her as
well. You do not get bombarded with big operatic vocals, which for those who
are not into that will enjoy, but I am a huge fan of operatic vocals so I
wouldn’t care either way.

There is a break in the song where we get an epic piano solo
along with Tarja in the background. This has got to be one of my favorite parts
of the entire song because it feels surreal.

There is really no flaw to this song and many may say I am
just biased because it is Tarja, but I am being serious. There is something for
everyone to enjoy be it hard rock fans, symphonic metal fans, opera fans, or
the metal heads. After hearing The Brightest Void and this song, I believe we
are going to be awarded with an epic album. This may be Tarja’s best work yet
and I believe she will definitely bring in an even bigger fan base.

“Inside of me
Doors will stay
A thousand lives
to live
Waiting like
universes do without an end”


  • Epic piano playing
  • Epic guitars
  • Epic vocals
  • Epic lyrics
  • Epic epicness


  • Not long enough!

Overall Rating: 5/5

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