Interview with Tarja on ‘Ave Maria en Plein Air’

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel
© Ethereal Metal Webzine

Can you give us some
details about each composition you chose and why you chose that particular
piece? What made you want to compose your own version?

More information about each piece you will
find in the booklet of the album. I have always loved singing Ave Maria’s since
I started taking lyrical singing lessons. Through years I had almost always
included Ave Maria songs in my traditional Christmas concert programs, so I
decided to write one on my own few years ago for my forthcoming tour.

In regards to your vocal register, what will be the highest
note we hear on this record?

In Astor Piazzolla’s Ave Maria and in Gounod-Bach’s Ave
Maria the highest note is a2.

Did you run into any problems while recording?

I wouldn’t call it as a problem, but I got very tired during
the first long day of recordings, so the next day was a bit harder for me

This obviously had to do with the fact of being nervous in
recording my first ever classical album and about my will to do my best in it.

I read that the recordings took place in Lakeuden Risti
Church in Seinäjoki, Finland. What inspired you to pick this particular church?

The acoustics and the design of this particular church. I
have had few concerts in the same place before, so I knew it’s sound in

The church “Lakeuden Risti” is called in English “The church
of the plain”.

Do you happen to still follow the Lutheran teachings and
will you instill those beliefs to Naomi?

Not really, to be completely honest with you. I have my
personal faith, but I don’t follow any church teachings. I do tell Naomi about
angels, but she is very young still to understand more about these kinds of

What musicians did you choose to help with this album? Will
there be an orchestra?

Kalevi Kiviniemi in organ, Marius Järvi in cello and Kirsi
Kiviharju in harp. There won’t be any orchestra playing on this record.

We already know there is an upcoming tour for this release.
Will there be a DVD release for this tour?

I am not planning to film and record a DVD from these

Tell us a bit about the beautiful dress you chose to grace
the album covers. Who designed it?

I worked the design ideas together with my friend Sirja who
tailored it for me. I wanted the dress to be inspired by the style of architect
Alvar Aalto.

When will we be able to see the music video that we got a
glimpse of?

The video will be available in few days.

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