Interview with Epica

—From our archives— *Older Interview*

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel

How did you come up with the name Epica?
Is it because you think you’re epic, not to mention we think you are!

We got the name from Kamelot’s album “Epica” They were in the studio when we recorded The Phantom Agony, we needed a name and stole it from their demo.

Anyways on to the seriousness, lol…..

How was the tour in North America the first time around?
It must have been very successful and awesome since you are coming back?

The first tour we did in the States was in 2006 with Kamelot (they weren’t mad at us) but it seems you are referring to the previous tour…?!? Both tours were great and it is nice to see that we are still getting bigger in the US.

Out of all the places you’ve toured over the years, where was your favorite place to visit? Where have you not played yet that you would love to play?

One of the best places to play is South America, there is something different with the fans. They are the loudest and most passionate. But wherever we play we always try to make a party and have as much fun as possible with the crowd!

We haven’t played in the far east yet. And Australia seems nice…

How long does each band member take to prepare for a show?
Are there any rituals to undergo or do you all just go out there and have a hell of a time?

We all take about half an hour. Simone a bit more since she has to do make-up and stuff. The guys are good-looking by themselves so they don’t need that.

We all shake hands and wish each other a good show before we go on stage. And we drink alcohol.

What were the ups and downs when recording Design Your Universe?

The recordings of Design Your Universe only had ups. Or maybe I have forgotten the downs since it has been quite a long time ago since then.

Out of your other albums, this record seems to be more on a personal level? What was the inspiration behind it?

With personal do you mean lyrically or musically? The inspiration behind it comes from various places since there are 6 band members combining their inspirations.

Is there a song that speaks to each of you personally on the new album?

Of course we all have our favourite songs and they even differ in playing live or listening to.

After writing so many albums in the past, how has the creative process changed for the band over the years?

We had some new members and new technology that helps and changes the way we write. Mainly technology changed it. We write through internet nowadays.

Tides of Time is one of my most favorite songs on the album. I love how it starts out slow and Simone uses a soft beautiful voice and the chorus goes into her operatic vocals. What was the inspiration behind this song?

Lyrically Tides of Time handles about the loss of someone close to you. Musically it is just a semi-ballad with an epic ending.

Kingdom of Heaven is the longest and most epic song on the album.
Who wrote it and what is the story and thoughts behind this song?

Kingdom is mainly written by Mark. It handles about being able to make your own universe using your consciousness. It also covers near-death experiences and stuff.

Who came up with the cover of the album?

The cover theme is made by Simone. The artwork has been worked out by Stefan Heilemann, a German photographer and designer who did a great job on the album artwork.

Is there a particular theme to Design Your Universe?

The main theme is being able to Design Your own Universe. If you really want it, you can do everything!

Are there any talk of a new album in the future soon or any writing going on? I am sure this isn’t the last we will hear from Epica.

We started writing again, but on a low level. First we have to finish all tours and festivals!

Simone and Mark, you both provided vocals for Sons of Season.
How was it working with them and how did you both get involved?

Oliver Palotai is Simone’s boyfriend so he just asked them to work with him on his new band.

To end this, what would you like to say to your fans?

I hope that we will be able to rock on and play for you all someday, and you know that we cannot do that without your support. It’s already great how far we have come and therefore Epica thanks you all!

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