Interview with Mike Terrana

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel, Victoria Long, and Joshua Becker

What is your life like on and off stage?
Its very exciting…most people could not walk one day in my shoes…
its scary , aggressive, funny , dangerous…and last not least…SEXY ….haha

What do you do in your free time?
I eat good food, hang out on the beach, play drums, listen to good music, drink good wine, smoke Cuban cigars and have crazy and wild sex with Hot Young Babes!

What is the atmosphere like on stage?
The stage is where I feel best …if I could not play drums on stage I would be bored. I don’t think I would enjoy my life too much. Music is my life
I love my drums and they love me….haha
I really enjoy working with Tarja …it rocks every night!

Where is one place you’ve always wanted to perform?

What is your biggest motivation for performing?
Money & Hot babes…haha
No seriously …Money and Hot babes…haha
No really …I just love to play …I have been working professionally as a drummer for over 32 years. I started when I was 8 …at 16 I started working in clubs….
I love to practice…I played everyday for 6 hours…I had to do it….it was not about money or be famous…it was just fun…and it still is.
Lots of people in this business playing for the wrong reason, they can Fuck Off..!!! Muahahahah

How did you get involved with Tarja and becoming part of her band?
I met Tarja when she was in Nightwish, I was doing my first tour of Europe with a band called Rage…and Nightwish was the support act.
I guess she was watching me play some nights and she enjoyed it
15 years later she started her solo career and she called me to play drums
I was very happy, its really a pleasure to work for her and I enjoy her music…its a nice gig!

Being in a band, so to speak, do you ever feel overshadowed by Tarja, or do you feel just as much a part as she does?
Well…I am a side man…and I should be Overshadowed by Tarja because its her show, She is the Star! …aha….No I don’t have a problem with this
My job is to support Tarja and the music. However I can say that I do feel a part of what she does. And I am happy to see her become more and more successful.

In the years of touring, what has been the most memorable show for you?
Czech Republic Masters fo Rock I played with 4 bands in one day and I broke the Guinness World Book of records
One of the bands was Tarja and I was pleased to see that her and Marcelo watched my last performance of the SinFonica music to a crowd of 30,000 people.
That was a really great day …I will never forget it
I’m a lucky man to be able to live from music and for this I am grateful!

What rituals or traditions do you perform before a show?
I always put my left drumming shoe on first…I don’t know why
But it seems to bring me luck!

What makes you unique in the sense of a drummer?
I guess you could say I developed a unique style and a personality on the instrument. This is something I didn’t see to often with new drummers.
They all look the same, sound the same…they sit in the back, in the dark
I like to have fun…I play with passion….I live for this music
Drumming is the most important thing in my life and when I get on stage I think people can feel that!

What song would you love to perform live that you have not been able to yet?
Well…there are so many, but I think there are some really great songs on the New Tarja CD. I’m looking forward to playing as many of those as possible on he next tour!

What will you be doing once now that the What Lies Beneath tour has come to a close?
It goes on…and on…More tours with Axel Rudi Pell, My Sinfonica Solo shows, Recording with various other artists.
Then in May 2013 I will embark on the Beauty & the Beat Classical tour with Tarja. The first show was confirmed already In the Czech rep and there will be many more to follow in Europe and South America
I don’t really have much time off…and too be honesty I don’t like to have time off…I’m board when Im home….I love the Road and I love to play for the audience.

If given the chance, would you ever tour with Justin Bieber?
Well….haha….I don’t think he will ever call me….but it might be funny!
I make jokes about Justin, but I have respect for any artist that can make a name for himself in this crazy business!
I would like to Play drum for Lady Gaga…I WANT TO SPANK HER….She is NAUGHTY….Muahahahahahaha

Will you be recording on Tarja’s next album?
Yes I did it already a few weeks ago. I recorded 20 songs….its going to be a killer CD. I’m happy and proud to be on it!
I order you to go out and buy this…hahaha

What is the best part of touring?
Playing the show, moving form city to city I love the freedom of touring
I’m not married; I have no children so, there is no one waiting for me at home
So when I go on the road…I just disappear into this rock n roll Bubble….
Its so fucking cool…..I dropped out of society years ago…I hate it!
I hated it in high school and I HATE IT MORE NOW
Rock n Roll is about Rebellion and Freedom…
I consider myself to be a world Citizen and I am Lucky to see many parts of the world and rock with the people that live there!”
It was my dream…
Life is about memories and I got a lot of good ones to take with me when I check out of here….!

Any last words for the Terrana fans?
Yes…Thank you for reading this, laughing at my shitty jokes and watching me play …God Bless! HAVE A GOOD TIME ALL THE TIME AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!


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