Interview with Kittie “In the Black”

—From our Archives— *Old Interview*

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel

How will this album compare to the others or will there be any comparison at all?

Fortunately for us we are still constantly growing and improving as musicians and writers, so realistically no two Kittie albums are ever really the same or can be compared. “In the Black” is definitely a return to the much more raw heavy sound most people know us for with a greater technical aspect than we have ever incorporated musically before. Overall the songs are just much more vicious and raw, yet somehow feminine.

Will there be any particular theme to this album?

Lyrically, there is sort of a theme tying some of the songs together. But there really isn’t any planned concept that flows into every song with “In the Black”. It’s mostly about darkness, internal conflicts and emotional plagues.

Were there any songs that you had difficulty with during the recordings?

Honestly not really! The recording process was very laid back this time around, so there wasn’t a lot of pressure when tracking. It was all very easy and I think that makes for a more real sounding record.

Is there anything in particular you want your listeners to take away from this album?

I would love for people to just enjoy the music for what it is, and to appreciate and respect what Kittie as a band is capable of doing now. We have grown and matured into a totally different band than what a lot of people think of when they hear our name. With this new album I think the message will be blatant and clear.

Were there any interesting or comical moments during the recordings?

Haha well we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously, so there is always something funny going on with us. We are jokesters for sure. But one particular thing that comes to mind is that Mercedes’ car got hit by a golf cart driven by one of the producer’s nephews, he’s seven haha. Mercedes was pissed but it makes for a good story.

What motivates or inspires the lyrics of Kittie?

I am inspired by a lot of everyday events that happen to me. The struggles of life emotional complexities and relationships are the sort of things I draw from. I know Mercedes is inspired by a lot of the same.

Are there any DVD release plans?

As of yet, there are no plans for a DVD but with the great relationship we have with E1 now I’m sure something will be coming down the pipeline for this album cycle.

Was composing the album a group effort or is there only one composer?

On past releases the writing was left up to Mercedes and I mostly, but with “In the Black” Tara had a lot of writing input as well which I think is really amazing. She is so talented and has such a different perspective on things that I think it has helped Kittie to grow and improve.

Would you ever consider taking your music in a different direction? For example: Have an Orchestra?

Sometimes its fun to experiment with a song or two, but honestly I think over the years with trying different approaches musically we have found that we do best when we are straight forward, to the point and heavy. We all enjoy a lot of different genres of music, but Kittie is a metal band and I think that we are just going to continue on the path we are on now and remain as organic as possible.

What is touring like for Kittie? Any embarrassing stories from the road?

Touring is pretty much like us, laid back and fun. There is never a dull moment on tour no matter who you are. We love playing live and most of the day is spent waiting around for that one hour where you get to rock out and wear your heart on your sleeve. We live for the road and can’t wait to get back out there!

Is there any particular song from the new album that holds a deep personal meaning?

“Sorrow I Know” has definitely taken on a new meaning since my Dad passed away last year. The lyrics were written before his death but once we recorded the album it changed the way I viewed the song entirely.

When the band first started, did you ever think it would be as successful as it is today?

Absolutely not! We were young and had dreams and aspirations just as so many other musicians have, but we never expected to have this band take us where we have been. It’s been crazy, really.

Are there any traditions for the band when starting a tour or entering the studio?

Lots of practice!

Are there any sources outside the band that Kittie uses as inspiration?

Well we all have lives outside the band that influence a lot of our lyrics and the emotion behind the songs so it would only make sense for outside sources to have an effect on the band, how we write and how we operate.

What would you like to say to all the fans out there?

Thank you for all your years of continued support. We know that we are nothing without you and we love you all so much. In The Black is an amazing record that we know you’ll all enjoy!

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