Interview with Morten Løwe Sørensen of Amaranthe

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Interviewed by Victoria Long

First off, thank you for the interview! I’ve been a fan of your music since the demo. Amaranthe has been rapidly growing in success and recognition. How does it feel having so many loyal fans since the debut of the first studio album? What was the inspiration for the singles “Hunger” and “Amaranthe”?

Thank you for doing the interview with us!

We are extremely happy to have had so many dedicated fans even before releasing our debut album, We didn’t expect that to begin with, so got kind of surprised by how fast it got spread all around the internet. So that actually built a lot of expectations as well for our debut album.

Well, Hunger pretty much represents everything about Amaranthe; fast paced, catchy songs, with a twist here and there and Amaranthine is kind of our version of a “ballad"´but still with our signature sound. With that song we wanted to create some diversity from the rest of the album’s faster songs, while keeping our sound. But I think the inspiration to those songs comes from all of our different backgrounds, which includes everything from death metal to pop, so it was only a very natural process for us to write those songs.”

The debut album was named after the band. Was there a particular reason for this?

“We felt that this, our first album, was a strong statement that required a strong title, and we already knew that this was our sound. Some bands make a self titled album after 3-4 albums, because that’s when they have really found their sound, but we felt like we have already found it on the first album, and nothing proves that point better than to simply call it "Amaranthe”.

How long did the song-writing process take?

“The whole process took around two years, but that was including finding members and finding our sound. We just took the time we needed to make the best possible album with no compromises ”

Were there any problems with the songs while creating them or was the album finished relatively quickly?

“No, not any real problems, but of course some things work better than others. Like the chorus in Hunger. In the beginning it was in a much lower tone in the chorus and it first really came to life when it got to a higher note, but we are all perfectionists when writing the songs and our parts. But I know that songs pretty much wrote themself out of a riff or even the title of a song, like the song "Automatic” quite ironic!

But then sometimes you add a little here and there when recording in the studio. That’s where it really came to life.“

Were there any songs that didn’t make it on the album?

There were a few songs and song ideas that didn’t make it. Not because it wasn’t good enough, it just didn’t fit on the album as a whole. We also did the two bonus songs "Splinter in my Soul” and “Breaking Point” which are a little bit different than most of the other songs on the album. Not necessarily a bad thing, but we choose to release them as bonus versions in Japan, but they are also on the “deluxe edition” and the “Rain” single in the UK.“

Is there a second album currently in the works? If so, what can we look forward to?

"Yes! We are working on it right now, and we are already pretty excited about it ourself! You can definitely look forward to an album that’s gonna sound like us! There will be a few different elements on it as well, but we are not gonna change our overall sound. Although we heard that Lou Reed might be interested in a collaboration! (joking of course)

But we want the next album to step up in every aspect, while keeping our sound and by playing the "old” songs so much live this year we have a better understanding of what really works well live too"

Amaranthe has toured in Europe, performed in Japan, and will soon be playing Progpower USA 2012. How does it feel performing in so many places world wide?

“We feel very privileged to have performed in so many countries and even continents already on our first album! You meet a lot of wonderful people and get to see the world, from all kinds of angles; from dark and dusty backstage rooms to 5 star hotels in Japan. Sometimes you would want to stay at one place for a little longer, but then again you keep coming back to the same places and countries again and again, so you see a little more everytime you get back”

You have a really large number of fans in North America. Can we expect a headliner tour sometime in the future for NA?

“Yes hopefully! Anything can happen on the next album, and to tour the states properly is very high up on our "to-do list”

What is the tour-life like for the band?

“It depends on what kind of tour it is. On our European tours we traveled in nightliners, which is a very comfortable way of travelling. You go to bed and you wake up in a different country the next morning. It’s always interesting to see what’s outside when you open the bus door. It can be everything from industrial areas or in the middle of a pulsating city in rush hour, but you easily get adjusted to that kind of living and plus we have a lot of fun together in the band.

When we play one-off shows, or weekends it’s usually a lot of travel and very little sleep, but still a lot of fun! I always look forward to the next show when I’m back home.”

What do you do in your free time, whether it’s free time during a tour or off-tour?

“Well for me personally, I practice the drums almost daily for a few hours. Besides that I go to the gym or do some running, but also spend a lot of quality time with my xbox!

On tour it’s all about staying active for me, because you can easily end up spending too much time in the backstage with your laptop, which can be nice too! But we try to do as much sightseeing and tourist stuff as possible. Some of us even go out running wherever possible. If you don’t stay a active you will not feel too good at the end of a long tour.”

Finally, what would you like to say to the fans in North America, and throughout the world?

“Thanks for all the support you have given us already! Be sure that wherever you live in the world we will go there eventually, so see you out there sooner than you think!”

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