Review of  Andhera, One Day Waiting, Raven Black, Jinjer, DevilDriver Show in PA

Review by Bridget Taylor


Outlaws ‘Til
The End Tour

Wednesday, 7
November, 2018 – Chameleon Club

Murder Method
Andhera –
December 7th, Reading PA
One Day Waiting
– finishing up the year on tour with OTEP
Raven Black


I had the
pleasure of traveling to Lancaster, PA for the “Outlaws ‘Til The End”
Tour – headlined by Devildriver, with support by Jinjer and Raven Black.
Additional (local) openers for the Chameleon Club were One Day Waiting,
Andhera, and Murder Method.

Chameleon Club
is located at 223 N Water St in Lancaster, PA. It shares ownership with the
Lizard Lounge, which caused a little confusion as to which line was which (two
events happening at the same time.) They have a main floor and upper floor for
viewing the stage; a mid-sized building for shows. The staff was very
professional, and easy to get along with. I recommend going to a concert here
at least once. 4.5/5

The first band
up was Murder Method. Hailing from York, PA, the band comprises of members Rob
Conover on vocals, Greg Anthony on Guitar, Randy Henry on Guitar, Kevin Day on
Drums, and Brad Micheal on Bass. They describe themselves as “Old School
Death Metal” and wear band shirts of that variety (Cannibal Corpse,
Deicide, etc.)

The first band
never gets a long set, and only 5 songs were played (one being a long
instrumental.) Kevin had an injured foot, and Brad didn’t play at all (only
being introduced at the end of the set – apparently he had just arrived or was
in the crowd the whole time.) Despite those incidents, you could definitely
hear the influence in their playing.

You can find
Murder Method on Facebook: (Make sure to
watch their videos!)

Film the kill
Fiend for flesh
Hide the bodies 
Casket dreams 

Following next
was Andhera. Claiming Lancaster PA as their turf, they even have shirts for
sale to represent the area. The band comprises of a drummer, bassist,
guitarist, and vocalist who go by rune symbols. They definitely brought an
energy before the main event, and lots of jokes were cracked in between songs.
They played songs from both of their EPs, Liminality and Firewalker. During the
last song, the vocalist hopped off stage and sang across the barrier.
You can join their cult at:


Voice Like
New Mantra/New

Closing out the
local openers were One Day Waiting. Tyler Kray (Vocalist), Nick Cozzolino
(Guitarist),  Zach Ballantine (Bass), and Griffin Silvestro (Drums)
traveled from Hudson Valley, New York, to give us a hard rock speculation.
Their whole show was energetic, from start to finish. Nonstop headbanging,
hardcore dancing, and even at one point, playing instruments in the crowd. The
crowd was feeling it, as the mosh pits that started were widening until the
people on the barrier could feel them. Catch these guys as they kick off their
tour with OTEP soon. If you can’t, find them on facebook at:

Bodies (Drowning Pool cover)
Dying for the Truth
Better off
New song (first time live – the band is letting the fans help pick the title

Raven Black was
next on perform. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, this band lives up to
its name as “A Dark Metal Carnival.” Expertly blending in theatrics with a
creepy carnival motif and metal music, Raven (Vocals), Muppet (Drums/Vocals),
The Doctor (Lead Guitar), and Stitches (Bass) have released an EP (Seven Sins)
and an album (13), both which we heard songs from.

From the get go, Raven Black caught our attention by carrying props to the
stage; we later found that Raven would sing while holding them, each prop to
its own song. While smokescreens and dark lighting complemented the theme, it
was the theatrics of each member that really sealed the deal. The makeup vibed
with the music, and the variety of each song never left a feeling of, “Didn’t
we just hear this?” They may had not headlined, but they quickly became a crowd
favourite (THE crowd favourite?) by the end of the night.
Follow your new favourite carnies at:

Sticks N Stones
Break The Box
Seven Sins

I would argue
that most of the crowd came for the next band, Jinjer. Hailing from the
Ukraine, the members are Tatiana Shmailyuk (vocals), Roman Ibramkhalilov
(guitars), Eugene Kostyuk (bass), and Vladislav Ulasevish (drums.) Their sound
is a mix of progressive and groove metal, with Tatiana both singing and
growling in tune of the music.

We were treated with the setlist being half from their King of Everything
album, a song from Cloud Factory, and three new songs (Ape, Perennial, and
Dreadful Moments.) Tatiana played up the stage, both headbanging and hip
swaying as the band jammed and captivated the audiences. The moshes only got
more hectic as the songs continued. If you didn’t know who Jinjer was prior to
the show, you sure as hell knew after you left.

After this tour, you can catch Jinjer in South America and back across the seas
in Europe. Find all the details at:


Words of Wisdom
I Speak Astronomy
Dreadful Moments
Who Is Gonna Be The One
Sit, Stay, Rollover

Once Jinjer
finished, a few people had left, but the crowd was still rowdy and anxious for
Devildriver. DevilDriver is an American heavy metal band from Santa Barbara,
California; they consist of vocalist Dez Fafara, guitarists Mike Spreitzer and
Neal Tiemann, drummer Austin D’Amond, and bassist Diego Ibarra.

Devildriver wasted no time starting the set. As Dez said, he’d rather “play
than talk”, so we got a variety and long setlist (including two covers.) As
appreciative I was to hear their songs, the stage presence was missing compared
to the prior two bands. It didn’t matter, as the crowd was in their hands. They
finished with a powerful gusto and smattering applause.
Devildriver can be found at:

Hold Back The Day
Fighting Words

Head Onto
Heartache (Let Them Rot)
Whiskey River (Willie Nelson cover)
Grin Fucked
My Night Sky

Hangman’s Noose
I Could Care Less

Clouds Over

End of the Line
The Mountain

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