Review of ‘The Cruellest Goodbye’ by Outlanders

Review by Ryan Murray | February 26, 2022

Outlanders is so far exceeding all expectations I ever had about this project! “The Cruellest Goodbye”, the second offering from Outlanders (Tarja Turunen and Torsten Stenzel), featuring the amazing Al Di Meola, has successfully blended, in such a beautiful way, different genres of music and should be in a genre of its own. This song breaks down barriers that exist between certain genres.

Their website says that TCG was written with the help of Harry Sommerdahl, (co-writer of “I Walk Alone”) and originally intended to be released on one of Tarja’s rock releases, Tarja felt the song didn’t quite have the right spirit for one of her rock albums. Instead, since she loved the song so much, she kept it for a later use.

The website also describes the song as a sad story about a forbidden love, “The Cruellest Goodbye” has seen its many challenges. Over many years, Torsten’s hard drive had crashed numerous times, which caused Tarja to record the vocals four separate times over the span of thirteen years! 

This song was well worth the wait!

Starting off with just a keyboard and Tarja’s hauntingly beautiful vocals, Al slowly creeps in with light acoustic features, really filling out the atmosphere. This song really gives me “Boy and The Ghost” vibes in the pain and longing heard in Tarja’s voice.

The guitar feature all throughout the song creates such an exotic feel, which compliments Tarja’s simply beautiful and haunting vocals on this track. I especially love the guitar from 2:41 to 3:19! 

This song is a perfect example of persistence and patience! Some people probably would have just given up, but Tarja and Torsten never did. They were so passionate about this song, that they never let go until it found it’s permanent home with Outlanders!

Personally, I really enjoy this release! Though it’s a sad song, there is such beauty, even empowerment to this song! 

For me, the unexpected losses that are caused by accidents, trauma, a loved one suddenly losing their life or worse can be the cruellest of goodbyes.

This song is a passionate combination, with three different genres of music clashing together in the most beautiful way!

Keep an eye out for the next Outlanders release coming soon!

Rating: 5/5

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