Review of Outlander’s “The Sleeping Indian”

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor

Outlanders, the musical project birthed out of an idea from Tarja Turunen and Torsten Stenzel, released their fourth single, “The Sleeping Indian”! Featuring guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani and Antiguan local rapper Nkoye Zifah, this track sets itself apart from the rest of the album!

“The Sleeping Indian” was a pleasant surprise upon my first listen! From the atmosphere that Torsten creates, to the instrument like, non-lyrical, light and airy vocalizations of Tarja to the original rap by Nkoye, this track easily transports the listener to another place.

Tarja has been very outspoken about her connection to Antigua. She has said that the calm energy and a connection with nature has been felt since she first went there, and this song represents that calm energy. Tarja’s vocalizing feels like a gentle Antiguan breeze, gently ebbing and flowing throughout the track.

The rap on this track is absolutely perfect! Written by Zifah specifically for this song, with lyrical content being drawn from the history of Antigua, the rap’s flow blends amazingly well with the atmosphere.

Lastly, Satriani’s guitars throughout elevate this work of art even higher! Satriani expertly weaves in and out of this track with his distinguishable and very unique sound.

If you haven’t heard this track yet, definitely give it a listen!

The next single, “Land of Sea and Sun” is out Friday, July 29th 2022!

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