Review of Pathos & Logos’ ”Cult”

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor

Progressive duo Pathos and Logos have recently released their 4-track EP entitled “Cult”, which is a follow up to their 2020 “Glory to the Order”. This duo, guitarist Kyle Neeley and drummer Paul Christiansen, were formed in Denver, Colorado in 2018. While the duo had worked together on several projects before, they eventually realized that they’d work better as a duo, and Pathos and Logos was born! P&L is much more than a band. They take the “celebration of art as a system of spirituality and Magick”, which is something that has been a way of life for this duo for many years, and pour it into their music.

This EP, while only four tracks, is layered with so much. For starters, while the new EP is definitely quite a bit heavier than their first release, there are still moments that come through that show some more laid back melodies as well.

The opening track, “Initiation” sees a light and airy synth patch atmosphere, which is carried all throughout, all the while Neeley’s lead melodies and more driving riffs blend in perfectly with Christiansen’s tight and in the pocket drum patterns.

While tracks such as the intro to “Novitiate” start out lighter, with some more jazz-like chords being played, it isn’t long before Neeley and Christiansen come pounding their way in in almost a Meshuggah style groove. This track sees some great melodies and harmonies on the guitar, along with some more driving riffing and drums. 

“Regnum” sees Neeley at a melodic high. The melodies that are woven throughout get stuck in your head and hook the listener, which will have you coming back for more, while the closing track “Ivdex” slams in your face right away! With polyrhythms everywhere, this is most definitely a highlight of the EP! This song sees peaks and valleys, and just when you get comfortable, they change it up. This song even has a short vocal section with harsh vocals that perfectly align with the atmosphere this song creates.

One thing is clear – Pathos and Logos are here to leave their mark, not just in the music industry, but within the art industry as well. If you haven’t heard them yet, be sure to give them a listen!

Verdict: 4/5

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