Review of Outlanders’ ”Land of Sea And Sun”

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor

It’s that time again! Outlanders, the musical project that has been in the process for many years now is finally coming to fruition! Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) and Torsten Stenzel have ingeniously forged alliances, forged from a friendship spanning many years. Outlander’s latest release entitled “Land of Sea and Sun” just released, and this one is an absolute gem!

As the track begins, we hear what sounds like to be the sound of seagulls during an enchanting sun rise, with Tarja’s light, airy, yet incredibly haunting and beautiful vocals with non-lyrical singing weaving it’s way on top of the synth atmosphere, expertly created by Stenzel. 

In an interesting change, Tarja becomes the island of Antigua, allowing the island to tell the story within the lyrics. Tarja has said that the locals call Antigua the island of sea and sun, and she recalls that feeling everywhere on the island.

Tarja has beautifully captured the island as storyteller in this work. With lyrics like “Every time that you leave me and go off someplace, the moon casts a shadow revealing your face. I will be waiting forever. The moment I’ll see you again.”, the island is seen as a place that will constantly draw its visitors back, almost as a second home. 

Tarja has also said that while this song is very much shaped and inspired by the chill atmosphere of the island, this song turned out as a kind of rock song, and I agree! With the addition of Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), this song has been brought to a whole new level. Friedman’s addition to this track sees unbelievable lead textures in the more laid back verses and rock-like chugging grooves which carry this track into definitely more of a rock feel throughout the sections leading into the choruses. Friedman has a rather substantial solo on this track and it’s just perfect! With Stenzel’s atmosphere filling the space and Turunen‘s hauntingly beautiful non-lyrical vocals over Friedman’s solo, it all comes together beautifully!

With just three weeks to go until the next release, and while all of the releases have been great so far, for me, I think this is definitely my favorite! 

Check out “Land of Sea And Sun”, available for streaming on all platforms now!

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