DELAIN Reveals New Line Up And Shares New Single “The Quest and the Curse”

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor

DELAIN fans, the wait that felt like an eternity is over! Diana Leah, Canada-based singer/songwriter has been introduced as the new singer for the band! Diana’s Facebook bio says “Having grown up in Italy and Romania, she has absorbed many different music cultures.” In addition to Diana, DELAIN sees the return of original guitarist Ronald Landa, as well as their original drummer Sander Zoer, solidifying the bands return! The band also welcomes Ludovico Cioffi as their new bassist.

The band has also released their newest single “The Quest and the Curse” along with the official music video! I’ve shared some thoughts below.

Diana’s haunting yet powerful vocals undoubtedly are a perfect fit for the band, solidifying a new found strength and energy! Diana’s background as a trance/pop-like vocalist adds an interesting, yet fresh feel to DELAIN, yet there are moments where a more classical style vocal shines through.

“The Quest and the Curse” successfully blends DELAIN style riffs, luscious and epic orchestrations, along with a perfect blend of Diana’s vocals alongside the harsh vocals of Landa and Cioffi creating an epic, well balanced piece of art! If this song is any indication, the fusion of the old and the new is going to bring DELAIN to new heights!

Check out “The Quest and the Curse”, available NOW on all platforms, and be sure to give the video a watch as well! Via Napalm Records

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