Samy Elbanna of Lost Society Discusses “If The Sky Came Down”, Personal Influences, Tours and More

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor

Lost Society, originally from Jyväskylä Finland, has just released their 5th full length studio album “If The Sky Came Down” via Nuclear Blast.

📸 – Sam Jamsen

This rapidly growing and evolving band has seen rapid success since their first album “Fast Loud Death” in 2013 with Nuclear Blast. After the first album, the band had released two more albums entitled “Terror Hungry” and “Brain Dead”, in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

In 2020, the band decided it was time to part ways with Nuclear Blast. Nothing bad happened, but the band was in a position that they felt they needed to be on their own for the next chapter, with which Nuclear Blast completely understood and supported them. After the band independently released “No Absolution” in 2020, which was produced and co-written by Joonas Parkkonen, Nuclear Blast had remained in touch with them and after sometime, in 2021, Nuclear Blast had announced that Lost Society had signed back with the label, stating that “some alliances are just meant to be”.

“If The Sky Came Down”, from start to finish, sees some incredibly deep, dark and personal material. Opening with the track “112” we hear Elbanna singing “It feels like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders”. A song about the moment when we finally let it all go and openly cry out that we’re not okay, and that it’s okay to not be okay, but also that moment when you let everything go and try to build back new.

The track “Awake” sees that moment when it’s seen as possible to renew everything that has been broken and lost, while the closing track “Suffocating” was supposed to be the last song Elbanna ever wrote because he couldn’t do it anymore, but it ended up being a powerful source of strength.

This album, as dark and deep as it goes, is honestly beautiful. It illustrates, very powerfully, that even at our deepest, darkest moments, there can be serenity and renewal when we finally let go and reach out for help.

You won’t want to miss this album, so be sure to give it a listen!

Full interview below!

”If The Sky Came Down” available now via Nuclear Blast on all streaming platforms!

Ryan Murray, Co-Owner of Ethereal Metal Webzine has a chat with Samy Elbanna of Lost Society!

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