Interview with Ailyn: 2019 Upcoming Work & More!

Interview by Jessica Clingempeel with small contribution from Josh Becker1/10/2019Hello Ailyn, thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us. How have things been for you?Hi dear, thank you for taking your time to do this. Things are very good, thanks.You mentioned recently you were struggling with depression, and other issues. We at … Continue reading Interview with Ailyn: 2019 Upcoming Work & More!

Review of Epica’s “Attack on Titan”

Reviewed by Zach Brehany 8/20/2018 Here’s a concept for you: take the soundtrack to a very popular anime and have a symphonic metal band record covers of four tracks from the show and add English lyrics. If you felt like you could be open minded or think it’s one of the greatest ideas ever conceived, … Continue reading Review of Epica’s “Attack on Titan”