Review on Leah’s “The Quest”

Review by Brian Kelman10/27/2018“The concept for “The Quest” is very simple: we’re all on a journey, and sometimes we lose our way. There are adventures, wildernesses, treasures, monsters, looters, and people out to send us down the wrong path. Through it all, we must grow in wisdom and experience, find our compass once again and … Continue reading Review on Leah’s “The Quest”

LEAH Overview

Review by Zach Brehany9/12/2018I want you, dear reader, to sit back and relax. Imagine you are transported into a new world, one of lush, green fields. There is an ocean on the coast and you see a gorgeous woman standing on the edge, looking out into the sky as her red hair flies in the … Continue reading LEAH Overview

Interview with Leah

Interviewed by Joshua Becker3/14/2014 I see you have been an artist for many years without the help of a record label. Is it by choice you are not signed, or have you not had your “big break” yet?It is by choice I remain independent. Unless there was a great offer which could accommodate my first … Continue reading Interview with Leah