Interview with Cristina Scabbia on “Delirium”

Interview by Joshua Becker & Jessica Clingempeel
© Ethereal Metal Webzine
*Past interview, not current*

The release of your eighth studio recorded album is just around the corner.
Do you feel that you have learned anything new while recording this record?

Cristina: We have learned that we can do everything ourselves from
beginning to the end as it is our first self produced record (and possibly the
best we’ve ever done!).

There has been a lot of pressure on us because of the deadlines but I
definitely feel we stepped to the next level.

As we all know delirium means a disturbed state of mind which includes
illusions, and restlessness. Did anything happen in the band’s life to
attribute to the title. Did the band experience anything in their life where
everything felt surreal or like a fantasy?

Cristina: We had personal experiences related to the topic. Episodes of
severe depression, anxiety and also serious medical issues within some of our

Something that helped us to develop the theme …but something we are not
very happy to talk about and share.

So far three songs have been premiered, including a lyric video; what has
been the reaction so far and is it anything what you expected it would be?

Cristina: Both old school and new fans are loving the songs and we got
great reviews.

There’s a lot of curiosity about “Delirium”, a lot of
anticipation and whoever had the chance to listen to the full record loved it.

When listening to the songs on iTunes, I was intrigued by the sound. In
fact, I have come across many comments on the web from those saying it is a lot
different from the previous albums, in a good way. Are you shocked by these
comments? What made the band take the route it did? Does it have anything to do
with the new line-up?

Cristina: We were not shocked at all to be honest.

I expected a reaction like this as people never heard us going in very
heavy directions (even though we have a lot of unreleased demoed stuff that was
even heavier than “House of shame” for example).

Ryan is also a very dynamic drummer so he definitely added his punch.

Vocally, you can be heard hitting some pretty high notes and it’s pretty
impressive, especially in the song Delirium. What is the highest note we will
hear on this record?

Cristina: I don’t know. There are so many layers of vocals and sometimes
the higher, weirdest notes are in the background, with effects on.

I never “measured” my real voice extension, it is not a challenge
for me to reach the highest pitch but it is my way to “colour” the
songs and try out new styles.

“House of Shame” was released as the lead single for
“Delirium.” Is this because the track sets the listener up for a
precursor to what the album’s overall mood is?

Cristina: In these days whichever song you put out for everyone to hear is
considered a “single” but truth is that we put out “House of
shame” as the first song because we wanted to show our change and the new
vibe in the Lacuna Coil camp. All the songs will be different and the whole
record is a trip.

You mentioned in previous interviews the band actually visited real-life
insane asylums in Italy; do you feel that this record, the lyrics from it could
be a look into what used to be? Is it ethereal in the sense the band is
speaking for those who no longer have a voice to detail the horrors and
tortures they went through?

Cristina: It is hard to describe feelings into few words.

The lyrics are describing our perception of past and presence.

We visited abandoned asylums, we created our own fictional sanatorium but
we also experienced places of contemporary cure of mental illnesses.

All these places left a mark forever, whenever you enter these walls you
can perceive the heaviness and the darkness of unknown, parallel spaces.

Andrea said in an interview that the new album is basically an insane
asylum, and each track is a different room. We have all experienced mental
illnesses at some points in our lives, depression, bipolar, etc. Do you think
this will give fans something to relate to, for fans to say “hey, I am not
alone. I am glad someone else feels like this?”

Cristina: I am sure a lot of people will relate to this record that we
wrote exploring mental issues but also moments in all of our everyday madness.

It was important for us to do it in a non disrespectful way as it is also
something we personally experienced/are experiencing.

Delirium was created in the name of acceptance of what is different or what
seems to be different.

I feel Delirium will be a comforting place for whoever feels damaged,
abused, lost.

We are all crazy in our own way.

Delirium is the first album to not feature both Cristiano Mozzati and
Cristiano Migliore, how was the process without them? Were there any times
where recording was hard or different? Did it feel surreal?

Cristina: The process was the same.

The main songwriter for the music has always been Marco (Coti Zelati) and
Andrea and I always wrote the vocal melodies and the lyrics.

It was not surreal as they retired from the band more than 2 years ago so
we had all the time to adjust to the new line up, that is actually working

In January the band announced the departure of guitarist Marco Biazzi and
since Diego Cavallotti was presented as the new guitarist for the tour. How did
the band come about choosing Diego and any chance of him becoming a permanent
placement in the band?

Cristina: Diego was already a friend of ours and he already experienced the
stage as he played in other bands.

He is doing a great job, the fans are loving him, he became family and it
is awesome to be around someone who is genuinely happy to be on the road.

You mentioned on your Facebook page that Tamara Reid Claros designed your
“Delirium” outfit which, in my opinion, is awesome. Was there a moment where
you almost passed up the chance of letting her work with you? Will there be any
future collaborations with Tamara?

Cristina: It was a collaboration and an exchange of ideas through FB and

I knew how I wanted the jacket done as it had to resemble a straight
jacket, I knew I wanted leggings as I always like to wear them and I knew I
wanted a sort of "skirt longer in the back” but Tamara took my ideas
to the next level especially if you think that she basically
“imagined” my figure, due to the distance. She’s very talented!

I gave her my measurement but it’s hard to build a dress on a… Ghost!

After she shipped the outfit to me I then made the customization, sewing
all the Lacuna coil patches and altering it to make it look worn out and stained.

Don’t ask me why but even though I didn’t know Tamara and we’ve never met
each other yet I had a good feeling about her…and I always trust my gut!

How has the tour been going so far? Any places you were anxious to see
again or any new places you are looking forward to?

Cristina: We started the tour about 10 days ago and we are loving to be on
the road so far. Every city has been really great with us, we are having a good
time with the new line up as well and fans are absolutely thrilled by every
gig. We are basically looking for every single show!

From Ethereal, to Sleep of Right, to Lacuna Coil, the band has stood the
test of time. What direction do you see the band going in the next 5 to 10
years? Do you have any long-term plans set?

Cristina: I have no idea. We don’t know what we will do in two months! It
doesn’t make sense to make lots of plans in life as everything can change in a
second. I enjoy life day by day.

Random question: You, as well as the band have an extensive Social Media
following with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Do you feel in this age and
era of technology, in order to stay relevant, you have to be a part of social
media? Can bands still exist with old-fashioned promoting?

Cristina: There are still bands that are working well in the underground
scene but social medias can bring your music and life stories everywhere in the
world and it is just nice to be able to connect with someone at the other side
of the world. I personally take care of my pages and it is really cool to communicate
with all the fans and get a direct feedback on music, shows, pics and videos.

Before we go, do you have any messages for the fans? Any surprises coming
for them?

Cristina: Lots of surprises to come… But if I tell you now… What kind
of surprise would it be??

Thank you for taking the time to complete this interview for us. As always,
we look forward to what you all come out with next.

Cristina: It was my pleasure!

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