Review of “The Pond” by Break Me Down

Review by Joshua Becker | October 15, 2019 Hailing from Milano, Italy, (the same place as Lacuna Coil), this band is an alternative metal band, formed in 2017- so, relatively new to the scene. Interestingly enough, this band has been the opening act for Lacuna Coil twice, and I hear certain elements of Lacuna Coil, … Continue reading Review of “The Pond” by Break Me Down

Interview with Nicoletta Rosellini of Kalidia

Interviewed by Bridget Taylor 3/27/2019 Good day! Thanks for speaking with us, we can't wait to get to know more about you! Thank you so much for this interview, Bridget! When looking into the meaning of Kalidia, it's been said it's a combination of Kali, a Hindu goddess, and Lidia, an ancient land. How deep … Continue reading Interview with Nicoletta Rosellini of Kalidia

Interview with Cristina Scabbia on “Delirium”

Interview by Joshua Becker & Jessica Clingempeel© Ethereal Metal Webzine*Past interview, not current*The release of your eighth studio recorded album is just around the corner. Do you feel that you have learned anything new while recording this record?Cristina: We have learned that we can do everything ourselves from beginning to the end as it is … Continue reading Interview with Cristina Scabbia on “Delirium”