Interview with Andreas Blomqvist of Seventh Wonder

Ryan Murray | Interview done on May 12, 2022 Co-owner, chief editor and contributor Ryan Murray sits down with Andreas Blomqvist, co-founder and bass player of Seventh Wonder! Seventh Wonder, a progressive metal band from Sweden was formed in 2000 and are a breath of fresh air in the progressive metal world! Seventh Wonder sees … Continue reading Interview with Andreas Blomqvist of Seventh Wonder

Review of ‘Pirates’ by Visions of Atlantis

Ryan Murray | Chief Editor Symphonic metal band Visions of Atlantis is set to release their eighth studio album “Pirates”, and this album is poised to top the charts and become an instant classic that you won’t soon forget! “Pirates”, a follow up to the band’s 2019 release “Wanderers”, finds the band with their most mature and strongest sound … Continue reading Review of ‘Pirates’ by Visions of Atlantis

Review of ‘World in My Eyes’ by Outlanders

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Once again, Outlanders has done it again! Tarja and Torsten released another offering from their project, this time with a familiar song. “World in My Eyes” (Depeche Mode), feat. Vernon Reid. (Living Colour)  Vernon Reid is insanely talented, and his work on this song doesn’t disappoint! … Continue reading Review of ‘World in My Eyes’ by Outlanders

Review of ‘Back From The Dead’ by Halestorm

Ryan Murray | Co-owner | Chief Editor | Grammy-winning hard rock band Halestorm is set to release their latest work, and I wasn’t ready for the power and emotion that “Back From the Dead” invokes. Halestorm came screaming onto the scene in 1998. Not only did they quickly become an icon in the hard … Continue reading Review of ‘Back From The Dead’ by Halestorm

Review of ‘Immutable’ by Meshuggah

Ryan Murray | Chief Editor | Contributor Album reviewed 3/31/2022 NO ONE DOES DJENT/TECH LIKE MESHUGGAH! Formed in 1987, this genre-defying, aptly named band takes their name from the Yiddish/Jewish word meaning “crazy”. Right from the beginning, Meshuggah was destined to bring metal to a whole new level. With their use of polymetered song structures … Continue reading Review of ‘Immutable’ by Meshuggah

Review of ‘Anthem’ by Symfinity

Symfinity, while listed as a symphonic metal band, also have a lot of progressive metal and even some folk/ren faire vibes. This New York City based band is a must see and must hear group! Their website states they have been described as a mix between Jethro Tull and Nightwish, and I completely agree with that. They have a very progressive sound and they pack an even bigger punch live!