Review of “The Pond” by Break Me Down

Review by Joshua Becker | October 15, 2019

Hailing from Milano, Italy, (the same place as Lacuna Coil), this band is an alternative metal band, formed in 2017- so, relatively new to the scene. Interestingly enough, this band has been the opening act for Lacuna Coil twice, and I hear certain elements of Lacuna Coil, not throughout, but in certain songs- particularly the ballad-type ones- whether intentional or not, I don’t know.

At first listen, it reminds me a bit of Paramore, and the lead singer, Irene Franco sounds vocally, like Hayley Williams of Paramore at times.

You can hear the heavy bass guitar and drums kicking in at certain moments of the songs, indicative of metal. Though I feel because of the lack of constant heavy guitars and drums, this album would be more of a hard rock than metal.

There are two tracks, for me that really stand out “Your Game” and “The Noose”. “Your Game” stands out because of the very catchy chorus, and it makes this song something memorable, and I can see why it was the first single to be released. “The Noose” is another song that stands out for me, partly because the instrumentation is rather catchy, but this one also has a very catchy chorus.

Throughout this whole album, I can really feel how much time and energy the band put into this album, and I can hear the soul Irene sings from.

One thing I found rather interesting, with the production of the album, the songs’ instrumentals seem to get more heavy as I progress through the album. It’s as if the songs’ stories grow darker in meaning with each passing track. Great job on that one!

The only critique I have, not being a huge fan of alternative metal is maybe adding more bass guitars, more heavy riffs, and just more that would make this album seem metal, rather than a punk-ish type rock.

At any rate, I really did like this album overall, and just wish it had more of a metal vibe to it, but overall, the production is great, vocals are clear and don’t sound like they were recorded in a basement. This actually seems like a professional in-studio recording. Kudos for that!

I look forward to hearing another album or tracks in the future, just to see what you took from my review.

Overall Rating: 4.25/5
*Giving less points only because of the lack of heaviness.

“The Pond” comes out officially on Thursday, October 17th 2019.
You can listen to them in every digital store.

Official Band Facebook:

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