Interview with Netta Skog (Turisas/Ensiferum)

—From our archives— *Older Interview*

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel
© Ethereal Metal Webzine

How is life in Turisas?

It’s good thanks! We
just arrived from Czech Republic, played there one show at Brutal Assault festival. It was really
good! Loads of people and  very nice

What other projects are you or have you done?

Mmmm… well nothing at the moment. Oh well, there’s no
other projects in the past either. Hehe!

Is there any talk of a new album?

Yep, now we’re having
a time off from touring because of the new album. We’re writing it right now, but don’t know
anything about the releasing  time. Next
year obviously.

What lead you to choose the accordion as an instrument?

Can’t remember so
clearly but I think my mom put me into some kind of music school when I was a little kid, like 4 years
old or something. And the  teacher was
playing accordion and i thought “Wow! I wanna do that as  well!” so one year after that I got my
own accordion. How cool is that!

What is your favorite Turisas song?

It’s hard to say only one but maybe Five Hundred and One.

If someone was to steal your ipod, what would they find on
your playlist?

Hahaha well
definitely NOT heavy metal! I mean, yes, I do listen to heavy metal but quite rarely. But usually I’m
listening to pop, techno, dance,
pop/rock and so on. For example I like Hannah Montana (and Miley
Cyrus  obviously!) and Lambretta. Oh my,
it’s SUCH a good band.

Were there any adjustments you had to make when joining

Not really. Well talked through the basic stuff about
“rock’n roll” hehe.

Out of all the places Turisas has performed, what was your
favorite or is there no place like home?

I have to say there’s
no place like home, hehe. And it’s really hard even  to say three favourite places to perform. But
as a country I love to  perform for example
in Canada.

Is there any other instruments other than the accordion that
you want to learn or already play?

I do play piano and I’m singing too.

How long does it usually take you before the shows to
prepare your costume?

For me it takes only
like 10 minutes but I’m always trying to start really  early because not wanting to be in a hurry.
But sometimes you have to  be…

Do you have any regrets joining Turisas?

Why would I have?
Absolutely not. I love this whole thing and I’m so  thankful for the guys they wanted to give me
an opportunity to do what I  enjoy the

What helps you get motivated before each show?

Talking with the guys while dressing…. I mean going
through the set list and so on. Nothing special, really.

What are some of your favorite past times?

Past times? You mean in my life or with the band? I don’t
know then!

Do you still see yourself with Turisas in the future?

Oh well I hope I will.

To end this, is there anything you would like to say to your

Hey guys and gals! Be
happy and enjoy every day of your lives! Don’t stress too much about little things! Thank you for
reading this, cheerz!

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