Review: Leaves’ Eyes: The Catalogue

Review by Brian Kelman© Ethereal Metal Webzine10/12/2015 On a miserable rainy Saturday morning in August of 2012 I typed in my search bar ‘symphonic metal bands’. One click later I started a list of what ended up being about two dozen of them. I bookmarked their official web sites and Wikipedia articles (especially for the … Continue reading Review: Leaves’ Eyes: The Catalogue

Interview with Netta Skog (Turisas/Ensiferum)

—From our archives— *Older Interview*Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel© Ethereal Metal WebzineHow is life in Turisas?It’s good thanks! We just arrived from Czech Republic, played there one show at Brutal Assault festival. It was really good! Loads of people and  very nice crew!What other projects are you or have you done?Mmmm… well nothing at the moment. … Continue reading Interview with Netta Skog (Turisas/Ensiferum)