Hyde: Live at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD | May 15th, 2019

Review © Jessica Clingempeel | CEO of Ethereal Metal Webzine | Tarja's USA Admin

Japanese rocker, Hyde, visited Maryland opening for acts Sevendust and In This Moment, along with Light the Torch as another opener. Hyde was the highlight of my evening as that was the main act I was going to see.

I have been a fan of Hyde for about 20 years, ever since he was the vocalist of the band L’Arc-en-Ciel. I was also a fan of Hyde’s acting career though I have only seen one movie, Moon Child, with Japanese rocker, Gackt. Having been a fan for so long as soon as I saw the show announcement I immediately went to see ticket prices. I was disappointed when no VIP tickets were confirmed for this particular date as a meeting would have been the cherry on the cake. My friend and I did manage to snap a photo of Hyde in his bus though. 😉

Though I was only there for Hyde, the other bands were great as well. I had never seen or even heard much of Light the Torch before the show, however they were really great and I have become an instant fan. Sevendust were another highlight as I have been a fan for a few years. Was really excited when they managed to sing two of my favourites! If you have never heard of Sevendust or Light the Torch do so now.

In This Moment, however, were a disappointment, at least for me. I use to be a fan of ITM with their previous albums, but the music doesn’t seem as important to them as much as the theatrics and presentation are now. Please guys, go back to the music. The props are too much and takes away from the lyrical content and the overall enjoyment of a live show experience. If I want to go see a play I will. I have to give you guys kudos for the finale though. That was the best part of your entire performance.

There were several others who were only there for Hyde as they left as soon as he was finished. Being my first Hyde live experience I was not disappointed. He puts on one hell of a performance, has a great voice live, and even likes to smash his own props (video below haha). If you have never heard of Hyde before but are a fan of jrock and awesome shows, please check this guy out. Another downside, apart from no VIP, was that we were literally at his bus, not many others around, and he did not come out. Come on man! How often do you come to the East Coast of the USA?

Even with the main act being a major disappointment, Hyde and the other bands made it worthwhile. If In This Moment had been playing alone, I would have been majorly disappointed! Next time give Hyde more show time. 😉

© Photos & Video belongs to Jessica Clingempeel

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