NEWS: Break Me Down Releases Video for ‘Your Game’

Posted by Jessica Clingempeel (15.09.2019)

Break Me Down releases their new lyric video for the song ‘Your Game’ which will be part of their new album ‘The Pond’ out on October 17th.

The song takes on the world’s insecurities and issues. Everyday we see violence and hate crime because of the many differences of people be it race, religion, lifestyle, etc. I recently watched a film based on Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend, a goth couple that were attacked for being “different”. Unfortunately Sophie’s horrific injuries ended her young life. Even though we are ending the year 2019 we still face discrimination something many have tried to eradicate for years. Something that may never be. We may not fit the mold others want us to be, but we need to learn to ignore the hate and to love ourselves.

The message in this video is powerful. The instruments mesh well together and compliment Irene’s voice well which are clear and easy to hear and understand. If this song is an example to what is to come of the album, there should be no disappointments.

Laerte says: “we live in a world where people do not feel comfortable with differences: color of the skin, language, religion, disability, faith, sex … love. “Your Game” invites each one of us to look around and understand that, these dissimilarities, instead of making us feel bad, can enrich us.. if we only accept  and welcome them as they are.”

Watch the lyric video below and follow Break Me Down on Facebook.

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