Review of ‘Wait for Dawn’ by Jirfiya

Review by Ty Vinney | September 23, 2019

Spinning out of their band Born From Lie, Jerome Thellier and Pascal Devoury have collaborated with vocalist Ingrid Denis-Payet to form Jirfiya. The results go beyond what was started with the first band and have bloomed into something more artistic and melodic. They have that play of melodic vocals with Ingrid and then the harsher vocal growls from Jerome that when combined over the technical and progressive comes out flawlessly.

There’s something really intriguing about every song. ‘The Report Card’ opens up with a Hispanic sounding acoustic guitar cord lead and then blooms out into riffs that could fit in with an early Guano Apes album. The song evolves as it goes along, from technically alienated vocals to something more powerful. It’s clear that Ingrid’s not so basic and she’s got a good range going on. You’ll see a lot more of that as you get deeper into the EP.

‘Under Control’ and ‘To Be Saved’ continue to progress of riffs and back and forth vocals. The former coming out instantly harder with Jerome’s growls. ‘A Part of the Light’ starts out like a ballad, slow and swinging upward. It builds up and Jerome adds the perfect touch as the song works to its end in a heavier sound. ‘Waiting for Your Fall’ is a favorite, showing up smooth and slow, and then flowing into something much harder. Ingrid doesn’t shy away from harder vocals and lets loose like a banshee in a song calling out abuse.

This band will be one to watch, they have a lot of potential and it really shows up here. I think my only complaint about the Wait for Dawn EP is five tracks isn’t enough!

Overall Rating: 5/5

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