Review of ‘Heaven’s Demise’ by Glasya

Review by Joshua Becker | October 14, 2019

Glasya is a band that hails from Lisbon, Portugal, and they are described as a symphonic metal band, which, when listening to the album, I can definitely hear elements of Nightwish, Tarja, and other symphonic and operatic bands and artists.

Their album, “Heaven’s Demise” is a really great album, well composed, with a lot of fast paced guitars and drums, mixed in with some choir/operatic sounds in the background, and other melodic electronic sounds in the background.

The only bad thing I have to say about the album is the vocals seem a bit rough in production, and it seems as though the vocals may not have been recorded in a professional studio, like the instrumentals were. In addition, the singer sounds as though she is trying to find her voice (literally), as the operatic vocals trail off and then come back, as if she has not developed proper control of her operatic voice just yet.

She is almost there, but has a little bit of work to do. This is not a bad thing though, as everything else has come together nicely, and I really enjoyed listening to this album- reminiscent of Nightwish back in the days of “Oceanborn” and “Once”. Almost like, this was a demo for one of those albums, which for me, is great as I am a huge fan of Nightwish and Tarja.

One of the tracks that really stood out for me was the eponymous track “Glasya”. It has a very Egyptian/Middle-Eastern vibe to it, and I have to admire the experimentation there. In fact, this track alone has made me change my review on the album, because it was so different and out there, in terms of production, and composition.

It kind of reminded me a bit of Nightwish’s Sahara. I wonder if the band may actually be influenced by Nightwish or Tarja, because there are too many similarities here.

One thing I really like about this album also is that each song sounds similar, but different enough that the songs mesh well and seem like they are from the same album, rather than random tracks and sounds thrown in there.

In conclusion, Glasya, I would love to review another album of yours in the future, and hopefully the production is a little bit more finely-tuned then. Do not get discouraged about not getting a perfect 5, as everyone has something to improve upon, and I see great potential in you all.

Overall Rating: 3.75/5

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