Review of ‘The Most Attractive Force’ by Universal Theory

Review by Joshua Becker | October 13, 2019

Universal Theory is a goth-rock band hailing from Madrid, Spain. The album being reviewed today is “The Most Attractive Force”.

My first impressions of the band have a very Lacuna-Coil-like vibe, not so much from their recent albums, but more so from when they were Ethereal with the songs “Frozen Feeling” and “Shallow End”. There are also elements here of a band I know called “Moonspell” from Portugal.

The songs have a lot of heaviness with the guitars, the bass, and the drums. Also, like Lacuna Coil, there are some songs that have a “ballad-like” feel to them, particularly “Unfinished Desire”. One thing that stands out with “Unfinished Desire” is that it sounds similar to the Lacuna Coil E.P. and “In a Reverie”, like an experimental goth-rock-type sound.

It seems like the band have not fully established their sound as the album instrumentals don’t clash well, and the vocals seem to be a bit drowned out because of the instruments in the background. This is not a bad thing, it just means that the production of the album could use a little bit of work

Majo Martos, the female lead-singer, and Jesus Pinilla, both sound eerily like Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro, respectively. It’s quite interesting, and if the band came from Italy, it would make complete sense, but they hail instead from Madrid.

I have to commend the band on the fact that they sing as if they care about their music, and I can hear the heart and soul they have put into the music.

Aside from the rough production of this track, I give it a solid 3 out of 5, as there is definitely potential here. My only big complaint was the production, as mentioned earlier.

Every artist has to start somewhere though, so I don’t want this review to be seen as a negative. You have great potential Majo and Jesus, never stop improving upon yourself, you have the potential to be a mainstream metal band.

Overall Rating: 3/5

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