Review of ‘Space Nest’ by Grande Fox

Review by Ryan Murray | October 29, 2019

I had never heard of Grande Fox before, but what an interesting listen!  With feels of 70’s – 80’s Metal and Hard Rock, there’s something for everyone in their album “Space Nest”!

Strange Situation – The opening riff to this song kinda gives me a 70’s Sabbath feel, reminiscent of “Paranoid”.  This song, for me, is about others who try to control us, and  having the ability to break free of the control of others.  

“Mechanical part is living in me.  Mechanic device reload my heart beat.  Begins to complete the way that I live.  The way that I feel.  Not you but for me.”  

To me, this speaks of the feeling of being under someone else’s control and lacking the freedom to be yourself.  

In the refrain, the song says – “Breaking me down, you said, you’re gonna break me.  It is your chance for you to get me.”

“When I opened my eyes my soul was enlightened inside.” This speaks to that moment when we realize what’s being done, and are now presented with a choice to overcome.  

The song closes in victory as we hear “You lost control!  Ohhhh, cause I’m still alive!”

Route 66 – More of a Sabbath feeling with the opening riff here also.  For me, this song is about the fact that we all face complications in our lives.  In the end, it’s not necessarily about the complications we face, but what we do about them.  Sometimes, it seems we’re so filled with conflict, that there’s never an end in sight.

“Complications gone away for miles now, can you see the light?  Expectations gone away for miles now, can you feel I’m right?”

We all have expectations of the way we expect things to turn out, but then we realize it doesn’t always go as planned.  

Later in the song we hear – “I’m burning all these things down.  Those things I hate.  This is the chance to break down, lost things I hate.  I’m burning down in fire.”

This speaks loudly to me.  There are many things in my life that I “burned”, because of the experience of going through it.  We can either choose to let it get the best of us, or we can choose to overcome being defeated and brought down by past mistakes.

Burned Beard – Vocally, this song is a bit more aggressive than the first two tracks.  This song is about the power of lies.  Lies hold power over us, and it’s difficult to break through them.  We want to rise above them, and sometimes we try to be helpful to those who are telling lies by raising them up to help them change, but it doesn’t always go as we hope.  

“Now it’s time to change.  Listen to your mind games we play.  Listen to your lies…will change your life.  Listen to your – time to waste away.  You’re so full of lies.  You’re so full of lies.  Your soul is full of lies.”

Lies change lives.  Not just the lives of those who tell the lies, but the lives of the ones who surround those telling the lies as well.  Even when we try to help, a lot of the time we just can’t change who people are.  

Psychotropic – This is more of a hard rock track.  The vocals on this track kind of remind me of KoЯn.  

“It was you who created those fears.  Who left me dying alone these years.  You should better confess to your self. You’d better think who’s wrong again.”

There are people who try to break us down.  All of us at one point or another face someone in our lives like this.  I personally know someone who has been in my life since I was 9, and was in a position of authority over me later in life.  This person did everything they could to make me believe that they were there for me as a friend and as a supervisor.  Eventually as time went on though, they began tearing me down piece by piece with their back biting, two-facedness and hurtful words behind my back.  I knew I had to break away.

This track ends with “Stop! Break! Stop! Say! Stop! I say Brake. Away.”  This for me is about breaking away from toxic people.

Mind Disorder – Another hard rock track.  This song talks about taking the high road, telling the listener to open their eyes to the things around them and to not let themselves be dragged down to the level of the nonsense around them.  

“High is the only way, the only way to fly.  Die is the only way, the only sacrifice.  Open up your eyes.  Open up your eyes.  Open up them then you’ll see the light inside your mind.”

This, to me, is saying that we need to take the high road.  There is nonsense everywhere we go these days, and we need to keep our eyes open to avoid it.  

Oriental War – This track has a rather interesting intro that goes on for 2:17 before the main riff kicks in at 2:18.  This song, for me, is about overcoming difficulties and hard times, emerging victorious.  

”And then you take it all.  You prove them all wrong.  For now the biggest fight is done.  Yeah, has gone away!”.

We all face difficulties and hardships, but they don’t define us. What defines us is how we come out on the other end.  To me, this track talks about that we all draw strength from something in our lives, and we need to rely on that strength, wherever it comes from, to get us through the hard times.

Apopsychosis – Another long and interesting intro, with the main riff kicking in at about 2:16.  For me, this song is about an inner battle of good and evil, which we all face at one time or another.  

“Something is living inside and growing deep down.  Can you resist from falling?  Nothing is living inside, I’m going deep down.  Can you escape now from hell? You’d better listen to you.  You try to resist now.  You try to resist now.  Try to resist now…” 

For me, this refers to a spiritual battle/conflict that we all face.  We are all inherently imperfect people with free will.  Because of free will, things in life are not always good.  Some are born of evil.  Can we resist, by ourselves, that inevitable fall into darkness?  Or do we need help?  

“Save me from this hell.  Lord you got to save me, you got to take me from a slave.  Well you got take me, you got to take me from this hell.  Lord you got to save me, you got to Peacemake me for my self.  Lord you got to save me, you got to.”  

As a Christian, these words speak to me.  We all face darkness, but for me as a Christian with a relationship with God, I know who I can trust to get me through anything.

New Beginning – The final track.  I think this is actually my  favorite tracks on the album.  This song, for me, is about taking risks and not allowing yourself to stop seeking your dreams and making them a reality.  We all have past mistakes and we tend to relive them over and over again, but this song, for me, talks about rising above past mistakes and fighting for your dreams and making them a reality.

“All these years I tried to fly away from here.  Old mistakes are gone with my biggest tears.  Time reminds me that in past I lived in fear, so I broke away to find myself in here.  Trapped inside my mind so many nights and years.  Trapped inside this hell I had to face my fears.  I was weak and cold for me to take this on.  Now I stand like a Knight enlightened from above.”

We’re always going to have a little voice inside of us that says we can’t, but we need to fight past that.  As a Christian, this means that I have God on my side and know that I can do ALL things through Him.”

Overall, musically, I very much enjoyed this album.  The vocals aren’t bad at all.  They are good and the singer is very talented, just not my personal favorite STYLE of vocals.  I would give this album a 4.0 stars out of 5.0

Please give “Space Nest” a listen!

Overall Rating: 4/5

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