Lacuna Coil’s Black Anima Show in Glasgow

Review by Jessica Clingempeel | November 13th, 2019

I have been looking forward to seeing Lacuna Coil again for a while, as the first time I saw them was several years ago, back in Lynchburg, Virginia. The night didn’t go well for me then. I ended up leaving as Lacuna Coil was coming onto stage at that point. So this was my second chance and I loved every bit of it.

Opening the night was the band Infected Rain. I had never seen them live and had only heard one song by them prior to this show. If you are having doubts about this band I will tell you now, don’t. They put on an amazing performance and I am a new found fan. The only downside to Infected Rain was that the setlist was just too short, but with a curfew of 10pm due to also being a night club, they would not have had the time to play a few more songs. As I said, great start to the night.

Next up was Eluveitie. I have been a fan for a few years now and was looking forward to seeing them as well. They played at Wacken this year as well, but due to a clash with something else, I did not get to see them apart from a song or two on the big screen. There was also a downside to this performance. More because of space issues rather than band issues. The stage was just too small for such a big band. Some members stayed in certain spots due to the limitation of the stage. Once again though, flawless performance. One of my favourites would have to be the performance of Artio, which I recorded and you can view that video below. Fabienne is a beautiful vocalist with a very nice register to her voice. Their set lasted about an hour.

Last, the main course for tonight, Lacuna Coil. The energy that started the show was kept throughout. The setlist had a lot of my favourites, including many from their latest release, “Black Anima”. Their set lasted for an hour and a half. Many of the North American concert goers stated that their setlist included a choice of “Heaven’s a Lie” or “Swamped”. Luckily enough, we were able to hear both. At one point, the members left the stage, and when you think all is done, they come; Cri and Andrea wearing santa hats, and “Naughty Christmas” is performed. Such a fun and strange song, haha. I am very glad I got the chance to see them again while visiting Scotland. There were no disappointments.

I give the entire night 5 out of 5. All bands were amazing, very energetic, and kept the crowd going the entire time. Check out the exclusive videos below and some photos.

*Was finally great to personally meet the woman we have had the pleasure to interview several times.*

© All photos and videos here have been taken by me, Jessica Clingempeel. Please credit and/or link to this page. Thanks.

*Naughty Christmas*
*Clip of Heaven’s a Lie*
*Eluveitie: Artio*

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