Review of ‘Fractures’ by Bleed From Within

Review by Joshua Becker | May 6, 2020 | Official Band Facebook

Fracture is an upcoming album from the Scottish metal band Bleed From Within, set to release May 29th. 

Hard hitting drums, heavy guitar riffs are just some ways to describe this album. The screaming and the singing parts mesh very well together. Instrumentation sounds professionally recorded, lyrics are clean and free of any noise or interference. The lyrics are very dark and suggest that there is a struggle; a war that needs to be won. 

Such dark lyrics as: 

“Soon I’ll be gone, and peace will be made. I’m drowning, I can’t reach the air.”

“Gasping for air. Beyond my control. I have witnessed the cost of the curse we dragged below.”

I can really feel the emotion the band is trying to convey. I can feel the struggle they went through in making this album. 


The first song in the album seems like there is a conflict happening. There seems to be a brief escape before hell breaks loose again. 

“From the ashes we will see the light. Where the embers lie. Our liberty no longer denied.”

The final lyric of the song hints at a saving grace; what has happened will pass and they will heal. Freedom will no longer be an option and it is within their grasps. 


“We had a dream but we let it fade. It wasn’t meant to be this way.”

This line suggests the life being lived isn’t what was planned, and an opportunity that came about was missed and there is nothing but regret. As the title suggests “pathfinder”, they’re searching for a new path because the one they’re on now is just horrible. 

“We need out now. Push the hand until it can’t push back.”

This seems indicative of fighting to escape the proverbial chains they’ve been stuck in. 

“No one’s giving up we fight to the end. It’s not a question, we’ll find our path.”

This solidifies what I mentioned earlier: they’re going to find a new path, a better existence, a better life. 


“With jaded eyes we gaze, upon the end of days. These cycles are repeating. It’s left a sickening taste. “

One of the lines in this song seems to suggest they’ve grown tired and bored of the lies and the false promises. Saying the cycles are repeating could mean they’re stuck in a loop with no way out and they’ve grown to detest everything around them. 

“They’re praying the blood will wash up in the rain. Wash up in the rain. From nothing you came, and into nothing you’ll return.”

The final lyric suggests, no matter what, you’re born, and you die. There is no escaping this, and eventually we all must accept it. 


“We’re living to escape reality. Regardless of the consequence.”

It seems as though they are growing weary of their existence, they wish to do anything to escape.

“What the fuck is the solution? Violence is not the answer. We’re knee deep in our graves. The cracks in the sky will fall away.”

Could this suggest they are lost, fighting their way through hasn’t worked, and they’re slowly dying unless they can escape this reality? 


I should’ve known, saw it was dark from the start.
Not what was but what surrounded my heart.
I’ll walk these roads alone, barefoot and worn to the bone.
A partner to pain, confusion, disdain.
For I can see what was not meant to be. No lies just defeat.
We’re nothing but fractures.”

Fracture seems to talk about their journey and what they have become since. Their fractures or scars are there forever and they’re a reminder of that deep-seated pain they weren’t able to overcome. 

Soon I’ll be gone and peace will be made”

This suggests once they’re gone, they won’t have to deal with the pain anymore. They’ll finally be at peace. 

“Why do we chase that which we cannot grip? For I can see what was not meant to be. And I can’t tell you how I want it to be. Fuck it.”

The last line of the song suggests they are questioning why they’ve wasted so much time chasing a myth; something that was never attainable to begin with. 


“The end of ignorance for some. Now there’s a resurgence, in my footsteps they follow but they don’t know.”

This could suggest they are back in a state of ignorance and blissful unawareness. Maybe they have been momentarily hushed into a false sense of security. 

“I see reflections of a fallen god. To find that faith was written in blood. Now hate is all I’ve got.”

This suggests they have learned faith comes at a price. Now they hate the blind faith they’ve given someone or something, and they’ve paid for it in blood or pain. 


“We are the face of arrogance without a voice.
In denial of the truth, we had a choice. 
A wave of fists aimed at all in our sight. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.”

This line suggests they still don’t want to accept the truth of what happened, and they’re still fighting their demons. They’re still trying to fight what they went through. They also appear to be learning that they can’t hide. The truth eventually will come out. It always does. 

“Will you wait to be saved. For the taste of desire, this hunger will not set you free.”

This seems to say they are telling everyone to not waste your time, hoping for the best. The hunger or longing for release being sought will never come, and it will be a waste of time. Acceptance is the only answer. 

“We are the face of arrogance without a voice. In denial of the truth, we made a choice. For all to see.”

The last line shows they appear to call out their own arrogance, believing they knew best and ultimately the path they’re on now was of their own choosing; it is there for all to see even though it wasn’t the path that they felt was meant to be. Now they wear the scars without cover. 


There’s a reason I can’t look you in the eye. Living in ignorance, a cruel disguise. Pockets full of greed. To see what hatred breeds, we must break the mask of pride.”

The message I get from “Ascend” is they still cannot accept what has happened, but they are making progress. They need to relinquish any pride they have so they can be open and honest and accept what has come to pass. Moving on to bigger and better things. 

“There’s a reason why we preach hate, ‘cause we’re divided by our own disdain.”

Could it be they mean they are so full of rage and anger because they cannot understand their own worth? They feel contempt for their journey and for themselves for allowing this unrighteous journey to be dragged on longer than it needed to be. 


“We are silent no more, for we have answered the call. It was a promise of change that’s bought us back to the fold. We could see it, could we conceive it?

It appears they have finally accepted their fate. They were promised a change if they did something, and they didn’t waste any hesitation to get out of the hell and misery they were in. 

As the name “utopia” suggests, they could be living in a paradise now, or, as a more infamous meaning to utopia, they are blinded into another false sense of security. 


This is the last song on the album, and thus the end of the journey for now. 

“Gasping for air. Beyond my control. I have witnessed the cost of the curse we dragged below. A mask to disguise the face inside, and silence a restless mind.”

It seems, based on these lines, the utopia was in fact a false sense of security and they were fucked over yet again. Now they’re defeated and they just need anything, even death to silence the agony they have endured. 

“The eyes still reflect the pain that we hide. But the exits are never there. Now the curse starts to breed inside. “

This suggests they are cursed to live forever in pain and agony, being given false promises and false hope with no escape. 

“We don’t stand a chance If we cannot see a reason to live, a reason to believe.”

The suggestion here is that they need a raison d’être, a reason for being. A meaning to this existence they’ve been cursed with. Do we live a life of agony and strife, just to die, cold and empty inside? 

“I finally embrace the hands of death. A depth that no one dares to descend. Let it in.”

After everything, it seems as though they want to let it (death) in, because it will be the only eternal peace and release they can feel. Death is the only thing that creates a permanent cessation of everything. 

Though this specific type of metal is not my particular taste, based on the composition with lyrics and instrumentals, I’ll still give it a 4/5 stars based on overall production. 

Words from the founder: Jessica Clingempeel

I saw these guys perform at Wacken last year and I recommend everyone to get to a show if you can. It is well worth the money and you will not leave disappointed. Pick up the new album and get your ass to a show! \,,/

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