Review of the Self-titled Album by Snakeskin God

Review by Ryan Murray | May 6, 2020 | Official Band Facebook

Snakeskin god, a heavy/hard rock band from Greece, just released their debut self-titled album “Snakeskin god” in November of 2019.  

Musically, this band reminds me of bands like Motörhead and Black Sabbath. Vocally, I definitely get some Lemmy vibes.

While I can’t personally relate to the album at all lyrically, I do like the music a lot. I think there is a nice balance between the instrumentation and vocals.  

The album kicks off with a pretty upbeat song with a great rock feel. I really like the drums in this song and there’s a really nice guitar solo too!

This song has a really cool groove that hooks me into wanting to hear it more! It’s a simple hook, but it really draws you back in for more! There’s also a shredding guitar solo which really adds to the build of the song. 

This song, to me, feels like it belongs in a Tony Hawk game! I absolutely love the groove this one has! Towards the end, some police sirens build into a solo to end the song out on a night note. 

Booze & Roll
This one slows it down just a bit, but still has a nice groove to it. Another nice guitar solo towards the end. 

Tough Love
Keeping with the slightly down tempo groove again, this song has a bit more distorted guitars in it. In the middle of the song, there’s a sort of call and response between the vocals and guitar solo which is nice!

My Temple
This song picks it up again. There are some nice vocal harmonies on this song. 

The Life
This one slows it down again with a slower groove. The drums and lead guitars really seem to lock in nicely in the middle of this song with a nice groove. 

Ecstatic Dance
An approximately 12 minute instrumental to close out the debut album. This track is really cool and has some interesting time feels.  A nice closer for sure!

Overall, I would give this album 2.5 out of 5.0. I really like the mix and the arrangements are nice!  Nick has a REALLY good voice and utilizes it very well – it’s just not my favorite style of singing. Lyrically, I can’t relate to the album at all. 

If you haven’t already given this album a listen, please check them out!

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