Review of ‘Crowned and Reborn’ by GAM

Review by Ryan Murray | May 12, 2020 | Offical Site

GAM is a blackened death metal band from Sweden that formed in 2011, originally under the name “Vulture”. GAM has recently released their newest work entitled “Crowned & Reborn” on December 2nd of 2019.  

I had never heard of this band before, but they remind me of Immortal and maybe a little like Cryptopsy.

“Crowned & Reborn” is a brutal assault on the senses – with dark growling vocals throughout, heart pounding drums/percussion and in your face guitars.

This EP is compromised of 6 tracks which are mostly fast paced guitars/bass and percussion. There are some surprises musically along the way though which were really nice! The vocals and music are aggressive and brutal – exactly what you’d expect from a blackened death metal band. 

Feed The Flames
This track starts off with high pitched banshee like screams, which is immediately followed by hard hitting percussion and fast tremolo picking, which is pretty much sustained throughout the entire track. The fast guitars and drums are heart pounding and relentless throughout the whole track. 

An Orgy of Flesh
This track starts out a bit slower with just a slower distorted guitar. Then the power chords hit along with the drums. I really like the 6/8 groove, which during this :45 second intro builds into the main riff nicely! Then comes the onslaught with fast tremolo picking and heart pounding drums. I really like the break down at 3:33!  

Death From Above
Another slow starter tempo wise, but I really like this intro! This track starts off strong on a power chord and deep growls, with some tremolo picking throughout. We then hear a laid back percussion section which, while may sound out of place, blends well into the pulse pounding drums to follow. At around 2:00 in, we get another really cool sounding break down. A nice blast beat to end out the track!

Willing a Holocaust Unto Mankind
Another fast and aggressive track right off the bat with in your face guitars with fast tremolo picking and heart pounding drums. At 1:09 though, we get a nice surprise with an almost tribal like percussion with a break down feel with the guitar riffs. This section sounds really nice musically and adds unexpected variety! Something similar closes out this track with the music slowing down during the last few measures. 

Stygian Shewolf
A little bit more under tempo, this intro seems to have an almost straight metal riff, which is really catchy and hooks the listener in. The aggressive vocals, guitars and drums aren’t too far behind! Starting at 4:02, I think this track has the most catchy break down of the entire EP! 

Bless The Mortar
The final track! This track starts out with what sounds like marching, followed by some power chords and distorted lead guitars. This is a bit more under tempo, but you can still still feel the pulse pounding energy throughout. 

Overall, while blackened death metal isn’t my favorite genre of music, I would give this EP a 3.5 out of 5.0! Musically, I love it all!  From the heart pounding drums, to the surprise laid back bits of percussion, to the in your face guitars and even the time signatures, I really enjoyed it musically!  Lyrically, I really can’t relate to the meaning behind the lyrics and to what the songs are about. For those that are really into blackened death metal, this band won’t disappoint!  

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