Fun Interview with Andrea Ferro (Lacuna Coil)

Interview by Jessica Clingempeel | Official Facebook

Some quarantine fun with Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil!

• What made you want to become a musician?
I always loved music since I was a kid especially rock music, but I never had the desire to become a musician. I love to jam songs with friends and the more I was growing up the more I cared about music and writing songs, but I never thought about going to a music school or something like that. It just happened that my passion for music kept growing until it became a serious thing with a real opportunity to record something and play shows, only then I realise it could actually become something serious and decide to study a little bit.

• What are some of your hobbies outside of music/career?
Music takes a big part of my life not only in terms of touring, practice or writing/recording but I also take care of the most office related stuff like accountings and contacts with management, booking agents and companies we work with. Other than that I love to go to see movies or watch tv shows, documentaries (especially horror, crimes, WWII, history, religion) art expositions, museums, video games, graphic novels, reading books, sports (especially soccer, martial arts, wrestling, boxing, skateboarding), traveling, spending time with friends, trying new restaurants and party!

• If you had to be anyone else for a day, who would that be and why?
Probably “Tommy Emmanuel” to be able to play guitar like that.

• Do you have any pets?
I do, I have a ginger cat named “Mimmo” and since I was a kid I’ve always lived with cats and a dog.

• What is your favourite animal?
There are so many, I’ve always been fascinated by sharks.

• Are you an Herbivore, Carnivore, or Omnivore?
Omnivore, I eat everything with moderation and try not to overdo it with anything.

• A new law has passed where only one genre of music is allowed, which would you choose? (It is totally alright if you choose Disney music! No judgment here.)
I love many different styles but if I would have to choose just one, I would say rock music.

• What is your favourite country?

• What foods do you love to devour?
Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese.

• Apple or Android?

• Where are you from?
Milan, Italy.

• What was your favourite possession as a child?
Japanese robots.

• What is your favourite possession now?
I like most of the stuff I own but I don’t have one in particular.

• What motto do you live by?
Life is change.

• Do you play video games? If so, what do you like playing the most?
Right now: FIFA, Jedi Fallen Order.

• Which gaming platform do you prefer?
Xbox one

• Any particular soundtrack you would recommend to people?
Pulp fiction is still one of my favourite

• Are you into any comics, manga, or anime?
Yup at the moment I’m reading “swamp thing” I love everything Alan Moore, I’m re-watching a lot of the Ghibli studio movies, love anime, not so much manga.

• You are now stuck on an island with only one item (cannot be phone.) What is the item you choose?
Survival knife

• What is your favourite colour?
I don’t have a favourite one, but I own a lot of black stuff

• You can bring one famous figure from our past back to life, who do you choose and why?
My first answer would be Julius Caesar because I’ve always admire his strategic way of thinking but probably also Leonardo da Vinci would be cool to meet.

• Any embarrassing moments to tell?
Once I was going to take a blood test and had to bring the very first urine of the day in a jar from home, once I arrive in the laboratory I drop the jar on the floor and it exploded dropping my piss all over the floor in front of everybody, that was a bit embarrassing.

• Were you a good student or a class clown in school?
I was an average student I never really like school.

• Ocean or Mountains?

• If you had to play in a film, what kind of part would you want to play?
Some badass vampire that all the ladies love.

Top 5 Musicians/Bands
Type O Negative
The Cure
Neil Young
Alice in Chains

Top 5 Shows/Movies
The Warriors
Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)
Pulp Fiction
The Godfather
The Munsters

Top 5 Books
Moby Dick (H.Melville)
Il Deserto dei Tartari (D.Buzzati)
Obscura (E.A.Poe)
Les Fleurs du Mal (C.Baudelaire)
I Promessi Sposi (A.Manzoni)

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