Review of ‘Breaking Infinity’ by Gabriella Metz

Review by Ryan Murray | July 6, 2020 | Official Facebook

Gabriella Metz is a singer/songwriter who was accepted into Berklee College of Music where she is studying to earn her Professional Music Bachelor’s Degree.  

Her press release states that she began studying piano when she was just four years of age. By the time she was sixteen, she had completed all academic levels of her music studies at the time and had also earned her Vocal Performance Diploma from the renowned London College of Music.

Her debut EP “Breaking Infinity” was released on May 3rd on all platforms!  

This EP is absolutely amazing! When I heard the first single called “Grey”, I was instantly hooked. The vocals are stunning. You can feel so much emotion and power behind every lyric. Whether singing a bit softer or a bit louder, there is so much control and the tone is just beautiful. Gabriella’s vocals are hard to compare, because she uses mixed elements to her voice. There are times when she sounds more like Norah Jones, and at other times she sounds more like a younger Amy Lee of Evanescence or Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.

The musical arrangements are just beautiful. From the piano to the strings, everything is meticulously thought out and nothing is superfluous. Vocal and musical dynamics are perfect leaving the listener wanting more. The way the dynamics build throughout these songs is spot on. 

Why Don’t You Love Me
This track starts off with just keys and strings. Gabriella comes in with warm and soft vocals with a jazz feel, reminiscent of Norah Jones. This song starts out beautifully and the intensity of emotion builds with every crescendo, both musically and lyrically. 

This song seems to be about loving someone who doesn’t love us back in the same way, as well as the walls that are built up when we push those who love us away. 

“Why don’t you love me?
There’s nothing else I need
Why must I feel the pain I do?
Every time you walk away from me
I tried to understand you
When no one could
But I could not get near you
From where I stood”

This track has a bit more of a synth feel with strings, a nice drum pad groove and has some beautiful non lyrical singing throughout. At times, this song reminds me of “Field of Innocence”, an Evanescence song from their pre “Fallen” work called “Origin”. I absolutely love the vocals and music on this track as well. 

This song seems to be about the games we play in our own mind when we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough and the internal walls that we build. When we spend too much time in our mind, we tend to become our own worst enemy. 

“Layers of regret
And look at where we are
In the end we’ll both forget
We’re only at the start
All I’ve done is try
Emptiness is all that’s left inside
Left inside
Wicked games of your mind
Played you till they harmed you
Your spirit was blind
Always wounded by you”

This song really hits hard for me. Years ago, I had a pretty serious knee injury. I ended up with seven different sprains, tears and fractures from the one injury, one of which being a severed ACL. I was non weight bearing for the first eight weeks of recovery before I was even allowed to start PT. I thought I would never walk again.

Once PT started, I felt even more afraid that I’d never walk again. The pain, stiffness and tightness was overwhelming. The war that I was fighting on the inside was strong. I was my own worst enemy.

As a Christian, I credit my faith in God for getting me through that. Getting out of my own head was so insanely hard, and just letting go and trusting that He would see me through this was a hard struggle. Several weeks after I had let go of the fear, I took my first unassisted steps at therapy. A few weeks after that, I was walking again, unable to tell what had happened.

This track starts out with keys and some ethereal sounding light and airy non lyrical vocals which add to the effect of this song. When Gabriella comes in with the lyrics, she comes in soft, but with obvious emotion. Strings and drums join in at the first chorus and really add a lot of feeling. It even breaks down into an acoustic guitar towards the end.

“Grey clouds
Passing by
Hang on for life
Grey lights
Dark nights
Please relish the fight
To look in your tired eyes 
The courage is real”

This track, to me, is about the inner “grey” that we face during times of internal struggle, as well as the “white lies” we tell ourselves when we try to just avoid the obstacles that we face. We try to tell ourselves that we can just avoid the hurt and difficulty of being our own worst enemy without ever really confronting the darkness head on. 

“White lies steal you from me
White lies won’t help you to breathe
We face a new day
Don’t let it fall into grey”

This track sees Gabriella starting with just vocals, followed by keys. When the chorus comes in with strings, the dynamics of the whole song change. It’s really beautiful. The use of dynamics in this song is spot on!

This song, to me, is about the broken promises that we all face and deal with at some point or another. After we’ve dealt with more and more promises that are broken, we build up a wall to protect our hearts because we can’t take the hurt anymore. 

“Broken promises
We both allow
Dysfunctioning compasses
You’re leaving now
Broken promises

No one understands
Muted choruses
It’s out of hand”

While Gabriella’s voice is great on this EP, this song really showcases her range and versatility. Her range on this song goes from soft and subtle, to really powerful, yet still in control. 

This song opens a bit more softly, with strings and light vocals which beautifully build stronger and stronger throughout with great dynamics.

This song seems to be about the limited time we have together and loving who we have. In our dreams we never age, but when we’re awake, we do. This song seems to be a call to spend our time wisely.

“If you were there when I was waiting
If you were there when I needed saving
Free from all the sorrow
Eager for tomorrow
With soul 
With soul
Awake my body fades

And you love what remains
I must no longer hide from you
Drops of time
Can help me climb”

Why Don’t You Love Me (Alternative Version)
So this is a more ethereal sounding version of the opening track, and I really love this version! I think this is my favorite version of this song. Both the vocals and the backing instrumentation is beautiful. Gabriella’s interpretation on this version of the song is completely different then the original version. 

Broken (Acoustic Version)
This acoustic version has just keys and strings backing Gabriella’s voice. This really draws out her voice even more, and this changes the dynamics and mood of the song. I really like the strings that start really softly at 2:29 and continue to build in intensity.

Grey (Acoustic Version)
This acoustic arrangement has an acoustic guitar open up on its own, followed by a mellowed Gabriella with lyrics. A viola slowly builds in during the chorus and adds a whole different level to the sound. This song is interpreted completely differently as an acoustic version, and it really has a nice atmosphere!

Overall, I’d have to give this EP a 4.8 out of 5.0! Between musical arrangements, instrumentation and vocals, Gabriella’s performance on this work is just terrific! The backing instrumentalists also deserve a lot of credit, as they blend very well together! If you haven’t heard “Breaking Infinity” yet, I highly recommend you give it a listen! 

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