Review of Tarja’s Christmas Together (World Wide Live) Show

Review by Jessica Clingempeel | December 12, 2020 | Official Facebook

Every year we are delighted with Tarja’s Christmas concerts, whether in churches of Finland or bigger venues such as ones in Czech Republic. This year, however, was different due to Covid-19. Tarja gave her listeners the chance to buy tickets for two special shows that would be streamed online, Christmas Together: World Wide Live. Of course, Gavin and I got tickets.

There were two shows, Gavin caught the first one (11th of December) and I caught the second one (12th of December). Starting the stream, we got a message from Tarja about Christmas and about the reasoning to her album, ‘From Spirits and Ghosts’. Then the concert started, the stage was beautifully set up with props and lights, a Christmas feel. The intro of ‘Pie Jesu’ (Instrumental) started and Tarja finally enters the stage starting the concert with ‘Sydämeeni joulun teen’ and ending with ‘Silent Night’.

The entire concert was beautiful, to the instruments, Tarja’s presence and voice, and the entire atmosphere in general. We also got to see the return of Maria Ilmoniemi (Keyboards/Piano) Also present were Alex Scholpp (Guitars) and Max Lilja (Cello). Everyone did an excellent job, with no mistakes (at least none that I noticed) and just something to stir us away from the year we have had. It was nice. Even without an audience the atmosphere was wonderful.

After the concert I and several others had the chance to video chat with Tarja on Zoom. The chat lasted an hour and was filled with laughter and even tears from some. People discussing the show, their experiences and how Tarja helped them out, and just discussions in general. Tarja is a very humble and kind person and I hope all get to meet her and I hope everyone will be able to make it to one of her uplifting Christmas shows. Hopefully Covid will be defeated next year as we have tickets to the Christmas show in Prague.

Pie Jesu (instrumental)
Sydämeeni joulun teen
What Child Is This
O come, O Come Emmanuel
Varpunen jouluaamuna
You Would Have Loved This
Little Drummer Boy (instrumental)
Tosti : Ave Maria
Caccini : Ave Maria
Turunen : Ave Maria
Schubert : Ave Maria
Amazing Grace (instrumental)
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
The Christmas Song
Walking in the Air
Silent Night

Overall Rating: 5/5

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