Review of ‘World in My Eyes’ by Outlanders

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor

Once again, Outlanders has done it again! Tarja and Torsten released another offering from their project, this time with a familiar song. “World in My Eyes” (Depeche Mode), feat. Vernon Reid. (Living Colour) 

Vernon Reid is insanely talented, and his work on this song doesn’t disappoint! Beautiful guitar textures are heard all throughout the song, with the use of different effects as well. 

What was originally going to be a project of mostly all covers done in original ways, ended up yielding only two covers, and “World in My Eyes” is thes first of those two covers.

What Tarja, Torsten and created their own song with their own unique twist. As an old fan of Depeche Mode, the idea of creating their own cover of this song saw Torsten really excited for the opportunity!

To start, this song definitely has a more dark feeling than the other Outlanders releases to date, but that’s not a bad thing. This eerie yet beautiful song will leave you entranced and longing for more. 

You may also notice Tarja’s voice is different in this song. “World in My Eyes” finds Tarja exploring another side of her voice, which sounds eerie, yet simply amazing and beautiful. 

I sometimes don’t like it when artists do covers of music, especially when it’s done the exact same way as the original, but with “World in My Eyes” that’s just simply not the case. I could listen to this song time and time again and never grow tired of it. Tarja, Torsten and Vernon have not just recorded a cover, but have created their very own eerie, yet beautifully crafted work of art. 

The next Outlanders release is coming in just over 11 days, so keep your eyes out!

Rating: 5/5

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