Interview with Andreas Blomqvist of Seventh Wonder

Ryan Murray | Interview done on May 12, 2022 

Co-owner, chief editor and contributor Ryan Murray sits down with Andreas Blomqvist, co-founder and bass player of Seventh Wonder!

Seventh Wonder, a progressive metal band from Sweden was formed in 2000 and are a breath of fresh air in the progressive metal world! Seventh Wonder sees strong vocals, a very technical and very melodic sound, and incredible talent all around! Every single member of Seventh Wonder pours their heart into the music, and it shows.

The band’s current lineup sees their strongest sound ever, featuring Tommy Karevik on vocals, Andreas Blomqvist on bass, Johan Liefvendahl on guitar, Andreas “Kyrt” Söderin on keys and Stefan Norgren on drums.

Come watch Ryan chat with Andreas about Covid, some great stories about the inspiration behind some of their past material, as well as the upcoming release “The Testament”, out June 10th via Frontier Records Srl!

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