Wolves At The Gate Release “Lowborn” EP – Interview w/ Steve Cobucci About The Release

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor


Ohio’s Post-hardcore/Christian-metal outfit, Wolves At The Gate, have released their 5-track EP “Lowborn”, and this is a release you don’t want to miss! The melodies, riffs, arrangements, vocals and layering make this release all add to the incredible message of hope that WATG bring in “Lowborn”!

Wolves At The Gate are a band that have never shied away from talking about their faith within their music. From as far back as their early days in 2009 with “My Ransomed Soul”, to their current EP “Lowborn”, the band has always shared the hope and forgiveness that they find in Jesus, and have always used their music as a way to share this with the world.

This 5-track EP, while absolutely brutal at times with the post-hardcore riffing and harsh vocals that Nick Detty drops, is filled with messages of hope, reconciliation and redemption from our past short-comings.

Opening with the title track “Lowborn”, this track sees great riffing in a punchy, 3/4 feel with some harsh vocals coming in 21 seconds in. The juxtaposition that’s created by the harsh and clean vocals with messages of redemption found in Jesus is something that may take then listener by surprise, but honestly sounds amazing! While this track was released in 2021, it has now found its home on this EP. 

“Dark Cold Night” is probably one of my favorites on this release! The harsh vocals on this have almost a nu-metal/rap feel during the verses, and the melodic hooks offered by the clean vocals are spot on and are really catchy! I also really enjoy the symphonic feel with the backing strings.

The band also has two covers on this EP, both of which they have completely made their own. “O Holy Night” sees an incredible arrangement that kind of plays around with the original melody ever so slightly while giving it a light modern rock feel with back strings creating a great atmosphere. The idea behind this track was to “give it more of a push and pull with the emotional aspect of the song” says Cobucci. “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” a well-known Christian hymn was turned into a post-hard core opus adding harsh vocals, crunchy guitars and some intricate guitar work!

Lastly, “The King” is a track that fans of the band will know very well! Originally released in 2012, this track almost didn’t make it onto the “Lowborn” EP. Cobucci explains that the master of the track still belonged to their past label, and that they had to re-record and re-track this song in order to have it on the EP, and it’s great that it made it! The vocal melodies, riffing and instrumentation on this track are incredible, as are the harsh vocals.

Overall, “Lowborn” gets 5/5! Everything from the writing, instrumentation, vocals (both harsh and clean) and the layering are incredibly well done! There’s a lot packed into this under 22-minute work and it’s deep. “Lowborn” is out now via Solid State Records and is available on all streaming platforms!

Below, check out Ryan’s interview with Steve Cobucci, which was held on Thursday November 17th! Join them as they discuss the new EP “Lowborn”, as well as the history of the band, influences behind some of the new music, faith, one of the songs almost not making the cut and more!

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