Kamelot Announce New Album “The Awakening”, Hear First Single “One More Flag In The Ground”

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor


One of the most innovative symphonic/power metal bands in existence, Kamelot, have announced their new full-length release entitled “The Awakening”, releasing March 17th via Napalm Records! This promises to be their most introspective, uplifting and vital release to date!

Album Cover Art – Giannis Nakos & Thomas Youngblood

Kamelot has also gifted us with the first single from the album entitled “One More Flag in the Ground”, an immediate sign that Kamelot is headed in their strongest and most cohesive direction to date. This incredible, anthemic track sees powerful instrumentation and epic walls of sound, driven by synth, beefy guitars, well placed percussion and Tommy’s absolutely incredible vocals. A song seemingly about the struggles many face in dealing with the constant battle to overcome sickness, panic, anxiety, depression and the like, this message is going to reach many people with a message of hope! Every obstacle we overcome is yet another flag we can put in the ground as we strive to push forward!

The video offers an even more powerful look into this track, and can be seen below! 

Tommy has said of the video – “The main focus on this video and song was to have a metaphor for the struggles of fighting disease or illness, whether it being physical or mental. Each step of healing and recovery is another Flag in the ground. With every little step, one more victory won…”

Of the new album, Thomas Youngblood has said “With “The Awakening”, we have one of our most diverse albums in years. We’ve fused elements from progressive, power and gothic metal to symphonic and melodic metal on this one. Working with incredible guest artists from around the music industry and having producer Sascha Paeth and Jacob Hansen mixing gave us another step up on overall sound. This album offers everything to KAMELOT fans and also reaches beyond borders to new metal and hard rock legions.” 

The Awakening Track Listing:

1. Overture (Intro)

2. The Great Divide

3. Eventide

4. One More Flag in the Ground

5. Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)

6. Midsummer’s Eve

7. Bloodmoon

8. NightSky

9. The Looking Glass

10. New Babylon

11. Willow

12. My Pantheon (Forevermore)

13. Ephemera (Outro)

The Awakening” will be available in the following formats:

-Digital Album

-CD Digipak

-CD Digipak + Shirt Bundle – Napalm Records exclusive

-2-LP Gatefold Vinyl Black

-2-LP Gatefold Vinyl in Splatter Red + Black – Napalm Records exclusive (European webstore), limited to 500

-2-LP Gatefold in Marbled White + Black – Napalm Records exclusive (North American webstore), limited to 300

-48p Earbook with 7” Vinyl Single – Napalm Records exclusive, limited to 500

-Wooden Boxset with Envelope Opener, Flag, Patch and Band Postcard – Napalm Records exclusive, limited to 1000

-Music Cassette – Napalm Records exclusive, limited to 100

📸 – Nat Enemede

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