Frozen Crown Releases Fourth Studio Album “Call of the North”

Josh Tanner | Contributor

📸 – Luca Morselli

Hailing from Milan, Italian power metal outfit Frozen Crown are back with another superb album! ”Call of the North” marks the band’s second album with their current line-up of Giada “Jade” Etro, Federico Mondelli, Francesco Zof, Niso Tomasini, and Fabiola “Sheena” Bellomo. This is an album you do not want to miss!

Starting off with the first single of the album, “Call of the North”, this song absolutely rips you into the fantasy world. Jade’s soaring vocal range paired with the fast-tempo drums by Niso makes this song an ear worm you won’t get rid of anytime soon. In the middle of the song, we’re treated to an acoustic guitar melody that is then overlapped by electric guitars, and a solo battle battle between Sheena and Federico.

The album will get you on your feet, headbanging and raising your horns in the air before you can say “this song is awesome!”. We’re met with a full-scale attack of solos and galloping drum beats through the album that is on par with Gamma Ray and awesome melodies between Jade and Federico’s vocals. It is interesting to note that this album doesn’t feature any harsh vocals from Federico.

“One For All” can easily be seen as an anthem, once you get passed the acoustic intro, for any fans of Frozen Crown, and power metal in general. Jade’s powerful range is comparable is Nina Osegeuda of A Sound of Thunder: it has meaning and will inspire you to do anything you can put your mind to. Francesco’s execution on bass is unmatched. Between Federico and Sheena’s workmanship on guitars and Niso’s work on the drums, this band has found the perfect lineup going forward.

Verdict: 9.4/10 stars

“Call of the North” now available worldwide via all streaming platforms via Scarlet Records!

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