Archetypes Collide Ignite a Fire w/ Genre-Defying Self-Titled Release via Fearless Records – Out March 31st

Ryan Murray | Co-Owner | Chief Editor | Contributor

📸 – Jim Louvau

Arizona upstarts, Archetypes Collide, is set to release their killer, aptly-named debut self-titled full length “Archetypes Collide” on March 31st via Fearless Records! If this incredible band isn’t already on your radar, be sure to give a listen! Influenced by many types of music, this album sees soaring vocal melodies, aggressive harsh vocals, edgy rock/metal riffs, intense breakdowns, synth and pop influences and so much more.

What started out as late night jam sessions at a local church in Phoenix, AZ quickly turned into something so much more. They immediately realized that they had something fresh and heavy, and that it was going somewhere quick, eventually having ended up on Oshie Bichar’s (Beartooth) radar.

A band that isn’t afraid to blur genre-defying lines, “Archetypes Collide” steers clear of the formulaic approach of songwriting. Instead, they blend elements of pop, hard rock, metal, post-hardcore, synth-wave and much more, creating one of the most epic, well written debut albums I’ve heard in a while!

Slowly creeping its way in before completely ripping off the bandage, the already known track “Parasite”, which opens this highly anticipated debut full-length, screams its way into existence with intense riffing, bone shattering screams and heavy breakdowns, yet has really catchy clean vocals in the choruses!

Kyle Pastor, the band’s vocalist, said “If any song from the album could be called ‘Archetypes Collide’, it would be “Fade Away”, and I couldn’t agree with him more. This track feels like three completely different songs, all the while blending in really well with great juxtaposition between the parts. Blending elements of R&B/pop, hard rock and straight up hard metal/post hardcore with another intense breakdown, this track is set to be a massive crowd pleaser.

Tracks like “Counterfeit” also throw you for a loop, with sounds reminiscent of late 90s early 2000s hard rock, aggressive screaming vocals and catchy melodic hooks, with another hard breakdown, with a synth-driven atmosphere and piercing screams from Pastor.

Cuts like “What If I Fall” show the band’s more intimate side, which sees the band looking at the fear of failure as if waiting for the shoe to drop on all the good that they’ve achieved so far. With soaring melodies, a hard rock/pop feel and with synth pads throughout, this radio-ready track awaits millions of those who are eager for a fresh, modern take on melodic hard rock music!

The intro to “My Own Device” is soaked in 80s synth, driving right into a more punk-rock like verse. This song is just straight up fun with incredible melodies, along with some great post-hardcore screams and riffing that kind of reminds me of Thrice.

If you want blistering, in your face heavy, look no further than melodic death metal cuts like “Suffocate Me” and “Deep End”. For me, these tracks feel inspired by bands such as In Flames and Arch Enemy; absolutely brutal with bone crushing riffing, but with moments of incredible melodic bliss. The breakdowns on these two tracks are just as hard as you’d imagine!

Massive hooks can be heard on “Destiny” and “Separate”. The heavy, yet dark and synth-driven “Destiny” hears an even edgier side of Pastor’s cleaner vocals, while “Separate” has an even more melodic and catchy chorus.

I’m not ashamed to say that “Paranoid” is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s just so damn catchy and fun. Giving off some serious Chain Smoker vibes, this modern pop-infused track will be a pleasant surprise, more than likely becoming a favorite of even the heaviest of metal fans.

The synth-laden yet heavy “Silence” brings some serious Linkin Park vibes, reminiscent of the Hybrid Theory/Meteora era, filled with incredible vocals and intense emotion. This track perfectly blends with a more metalcore sound towards the end, and is another standout track for me on this release.

The hardest song to listen to lyrically has to be the closing track, “Love Again”. Written about Pastor’s grandfather who passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2005, this track not only beautifully encapsulates the love that was shared, but gives a view into what it was like for Pastor’s Father to have to see his Father going through this. The chorus hears “I don’t really know what’s in your head. Could it be that time stole my best friend. The look in your eyes, unrecognized, helpless and I’m paralyzed. I don’t really know what’s in your head. I just need your love again.” This track really allows other people who may be facing the same to know that they aren’t alone.

What Archetypes Collide have done with this release will resonate with so many people, both musically and emotionally. They have successfully blended many different types of genres into a 12 track effort that is both heavy and beautiful. If they aren’t already, get this band on your radar! They are the band to watch in 2023, hands down! “Archetypes Collide” releases this Friday, March 31st via Fearless Records, be sure to pre-order HERE!

Rating: 4.9/5.0

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