Interview with Zack of Abated Mass of Flesh

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel4/28/2019Abated Mass of Flesh Facebook Watch Zack answer the questions and/or read below! First, tell us a little bit about the band; how did the idea for the band’s name come about? Hello, we are a brutal death metal band that started in 2011. When we started, we wrote lyrics centered … Continue reading Interview with Zack of Abated Mass of Flesh

Review of Immortal’s “Northern Chaos Gods”

Review by Zach Brehany7/25/2018I want to start off this review with a bit of a disclaimer: normally, I don’t listen to black metal or any of its closest counterparts. It is not out of hatred or dislike, but more like I am just a good bit inexperienced. I am stating this because of the nature … Continue reading Review of Immortal’s “Northern Chaos Gods”