NEWS: Lyria releases autism-themed clip

The Brazilian band Lyria, has a history of connection with autism, having the drummer as a teacher of an autistic student, and now, with the clip "The Rain", which features lyrics and video inspired by the story of overcoming fan Warren Mayocchi , from Australia. The song talks about the isolation of those diagnosed as autistic, but also about the strength to overcome the obstacles of the disorder. "The Rain" is Lyria's third clip in the Immersion phase (2018), the video is preceded by "Let Me Be Me" and "Hard to Believe".

Interview with Lyria on ‘Immersion’

Interview by Jessica Clingempeel & Bridget Taylor 3/6/2019 Crowdfunding and the likes have been a major source for many new bands nowadays. With the success it has given Lyria, do you feel that you will keep this as a way to record future records? Do you feel crowdfunding gives you a more intimate connection to … Continue reading Interview with Lyria on ‘Immersion’