Interview with Melissa VanFleet

Interviewed by Jade | September 2019 First, thank you so much for interviewing with us. I absolutely love your EP. I've been looking for something like it for a long time. What was your inspiration for the EP itself? Did you go into writing it knowing what you wanted? Thank you! I wrote the songs … Continue reading Interview with Melissa VanFleet

Review: Melissa VanFleet’s ‘Ode to the Dark’ EP

Review by Jade | September 18, 2019 Melissa VanFleet is a beautiful musician from Philadelphia with the kind of voice that makes you stop and listen. Her style of metal includes orchestra, piano and an Alternative Rock lineup that all around makes her very unique. Raven: Miss VanFleet opens the EP with a slow melody … Continue reading Review: Melissa VanFleet’s ‘Ode to the Dark’ EP