Fun Interview with Averi & Seann (Symfinity)

Interview by Jessica Clingempeel | Official Facebook

Some quarantine fun with Avi & Seann of Symfinity!

• What made you want to become a musician?
*Averi: I always loved making music with my family and friends because it was so powerful and meaningful, and I had the best music teachers that were always so fun and inspiring!

*Seann: I wanted to choose a different career path than my friends in high school, and chose music because it felt artistically and spiritually meaningful.

• What are some of your hobbies outside of music/career?
*Averi: Composing, playing different instruments in different genres for other bands and for fun, dancing, playing tennis, learning languages, exercising, walking in nature, listening to all different styles of music from around the world, watching tv, playing computer/app/board games, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, attending live shows… the list is endless!

*Seann: Board gaming, cooking, gardening, walking in nature, learning different computer languages

• If you had to be anyone else for a day, who would that be and why?
*Averi: A unicorn.

*Seann: Jeff Bezos, to give myself a job at Amazon

• Do you have any pets?
*Averi: No!!!! (But I enjoy other people’s pets)

*Seann: (*Points to Averi) Just the one on the couch there.

• What is your favourite animal?
*Averi: Giraffe
*Seann: Cat

• Are you a Herbivore, Carnivore, or Omnivore?
*Averi: Pescatarian (who generally dislikes seafood and dairy) for 12 years

*Seann: Pescatarian

• A new law has passed where only one genre of music is allowed, which would you choose? (It is totally alright if you choose Disney music! No judgment here.)
*Averi: Cinematic (would listen to it and write it)

*Seann: Classical music (but I reserve the right to write metalish riffs for violin)

• What is your favourite country?
*Averi: I am completely in love with learning about new countries, cultures, and languages, and am so excited to travel the world even more when it’s safe to. Aside from the beauty and vastness of America, and the right to travel and act freely here, I’d say Italy. I used to live in Tuscany for some of my musical training in college, and I miss it terribly. I find every part of Italy to be so unique, full of lovely, genuine, and warm people, and teeming with incredible culture, breathtaking nature, and delicious food!

*Seann: Aside from America? Canada (because it’s the only other one I’ve been to). But I’m excited to travel more soon when it’s safe to!

• What foods do you love to devour?
*Averi: Tex-mex, salad, unsweetened almond milk, and uh, pizza – duh! 😉

*Seann: Tex-mex, salad, pizza, and pasta

• Apple or Android? 😉
*Averi: Apple

*Seann: Android

• Where are you from?
*Averi: A pineapple under the sea

*Seann: Oregon

• What was your favourite possession as a child?
*Averi: My stuffed animals, instruments, and electronics

*Seann: Instruments

• What is your favourite possession now?
*Averi: My instruments, electronics, and stuffed animals (ok, and my car! lol) 😛

*Seann: Instruments

• What motto do you live by?
*Averi: Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

*Seann: Settling sucks, unless its Catan or Civilization.

• Do you play video games? If so, what do you like playing the most?
*Averi: No, but computer/app games. I love Sims 3 and 4, and Harry Potter Quiddich for computer. I love Catan, Bitlife, Harry Potter, Forge of Empires, Cooking Fever, My Cafe, and Ticket To Ride for the iPhone. But my fave video games are, and will always be, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 for PlayStation, followed by Mario Kart for Gameboy Advance.

*Seann: No, but computer/app games. I love Sim City 4, Civilization 4, Commander Keen 4, Portal, and Starcraft for the computer.

• Which gaming platform do you prefer?
*Averi: Computer (and then, phone)

*Seann: Board (and then, computer)

• Any particular soundtrack you would recommend to people?

*Seann: Lord of the Rings

• Are you into any comics, manga, or anime?
*Averi: No. 😛 But I enjoy all the Marvel and DC movies!!

*Seann: Naruto. And I enjoy all the Marvel and DC movies!!

• You are now stuck on an island with only one item (cannot be phone.) What is the item you choose?
*Averi: Food. And I insist on being stuck with Seann.

*Seann: Water. And I insist on being stuck with Averi.

• What is your favourite colour?
*Averi: Blue

*Seann: Green

• You can bring one famous figure from our past back to life, who do you choose and why?
*Averi: Alan Rickman, so we can chat, sing, and make potions together.

*Seann: Mozart, so I can show him symphonic rock and metal!

• Any embarrassing moments to tell?
*Averi: Thankfully no, but I guess what comes close is that one time I
almost fell off a stage during a show!

*Seann: Not that I can think of, thankfully!

• Were you a good student or a class clown in school?
*Averi: While I was/am very comical, I was/am still a good student. I was a fairly good elementary/secondary student, but then I ended up going on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from undergrad and then get a perfect GPA in my Masters degree and all my post-Masters classes since then! Sorry to toot my own horn! 😮

*Seann: I tried to be the class clown and failed. I went on to receive my B.A., two Masters Degrees, and a certificate.

Ocean or Mountains?
*Averi: Growing up between the ocean and also a lake with mountains, that’s a toughie! My favorite thing is forests, so I don’t know! Can’t choose! Help!

*Seann: I grew up on the west coast in high elevation near the Pacific Ocean, so I choose mountains looking over the ocean!

If you had to play in a film, what kind of part would you want to play? *Averi: The smart, sexy elf boss. (“Averi” does mean “ruler of the elves,
after all! ;D)

*Seann: A superhero.

Top 5 Musicians/Bands
*Averi: I can’t do 5. My favorite rock/metal bands are: System of a Down, Sonata Arctica, Symphony X, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Rammstein, Ensiferum, Tarja, Renaissance, Blackmore’s Night, Nightwish, Avatar, and In This Moment. I have seen 9 of the 12 live, befriended some, and played with 2! 🙂

*Seann: Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Tarja, Within Temptation, Delain, Metallica, and Ghost (oops, that’s 7!)

Top 5 Shows/Movies
*Averi: Movies = Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC, and Star Wars franchises. TV = Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Any transformation show…ever, The Office, Archer, X-Files, Goosebumps, and of course…. Jersey Shore ;D

*Seann: Movies = Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and DC franchises. TV = Star Trek: TNG (and everything chronologically afterward), Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Goosebumps, MythBusters, and Queer Eye

Top 5 Books
*Averi: My childhood faves are still my faves I’d ever read! Harry Potter series, The Giver, Ender’s Game series, Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys series (yup, same author, turns out! ;o lol), and coffee table books with pretty pictures of nature 😛

*Seann: Harry Potter series, Redwall, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and Essential Dictionary of Orchestration.

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