Fun Interview with Averi & Seann (Symfinity)

Interview by Jessica Clingempeel | Official Facebook Some quarantine fun with Avi & Seann of Symfinity! • What made you want to become a musician?*Averi: I always loved making music with my family and friends because it was so powerful and meaningful, and I had the best music teachers that were always so fun and … Continue reading Fun Interview with Averi & Seann (Symfinity)

Review of Tarja: Live in NYC

Review by Bridget Taylor9/9/2018Photo by Jessica ClingempeelOverall, this show was a blast and a surprise. Despite being a fan of Tarja since 2003 (at that time, she was still with Nightwish), this would be mine (as well as others’) first time seeing her live. She hasn’t toured extensively in the US, and I hope that … Continue reading Review of Tarja: Live in NYC

Interview with Symfinity

Interviewed by Jessica Clingempeel & Joshua Becker7/25/2018Jumping right into things, I could not help but notice the uniqueness of the band name: Symfinity. My assumption was a combination of the name “symphony” and “infinity,” but I could be wrong. Care to share how that came about?Seann: Symfinity is absolutely a combination of symphony and infinity. … Continue reading Interview with Symfinity